Judge Blocks Trial For Fatal Police Shooting, Sticks Victim's Family With Cop's Legal Bill

Beware unarmed, Anaheim police protester: Cops will claim they mistook your Disney sign for a gun, kill you, demand immunity from public scrutiny and then win support from reality suspending, country club OC judges
Anaheim's Bernie Cervantes Villegas held the barrel end of a BB rifle when police officers approached him in January 2012, complied with commands to raise his arms and was nevertheless shot five times and killed though he never pointed the weapon at cops or grabbed for the trigger.

Officers "high-fived" each other after the shooting, according to a defense witness.

That's the version defense lawyers presented in a federal civil rights lawsuit against the trigger-happy shooter, Anaheim officer Nick Bennallack, who six months later also executed an unarmed Manuel Diaz by shooting him in the butt and back of the head.

According to court records, the cop--affectionately called "Buckshot Bennallack" by fellow officers and "Backshot Bennallack" by angry residents--demanded that a jury never see crime scene photographs of the gruesome results of his five shots because jurors might become nauseous by the overkill.

This week inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse, U.S. District Court Judge Cormac J. Carney ordered Villegas' surviving family members to pay Anaheim PD's legal bills after refusing to let the lawsuit go to a future jury because, in his view, even if the plaintiff's version of events is accurate, the cop acted "reasonably" in fear for his life.

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Anaheim Police Chief Raul Quezada Meets Residents in his First Town Hall

Gabriel San Roman / OC Weekly
Anaheim police chief Raul Quezada
Anaheim Police Chief Raul Quezada took center stage at a town hall last night hosted by the East Street Community Renewal Initiative (ESCRI). Residents gathered at the Eli Everything & More thrift store to hear him out on gangs, policy and oversight just months into the job. On the home turf of her nonprofits, former councilwoman and current mayoral candidate Lorri Galloway introduced the Anaheim Police Department's first Mexican-in-Chief as "history-making" with such glee it's as if she's trying to become the first woman of color mayor in the city--oh wait, she is!

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Memorial for Unarmed Man Slain by Anaheim Police Vandalized by Rival Gang; Grieving Mother Asks for Unity

Gabriel San Roman / OC Weekly
Manuel Diaz's memorial on Sunday morning
The memorial marking the site where 25-year-old Manuel Diaz was shot and killed by Anaheim police on July 21, 2012 was trashed over the weekend. Gang members from a rival neighborhood vandalized a large banner marking his dates of birth and death. Spray paint covered pictures of Diaz and even framed photographs of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary placed atop a main table.

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Family of Unarmed Man Killed by Anaheim PD Settle Civil Suit for $245,000

David Raya
The city of Anaheim settled a lawsuit earlier this month filed by the family of David Raya. The 23-year-old man was unarmed when shot to death on August 16, 2011 by detective Bruce Linn near the 100 block of West Guinida Lane.

The Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA) ruled the shooting justified, but Maria Lopez, Raya's mother, said the killing violated her son's civil rights. The Anaheim city council approved a $245,000 settlement on March 11 that came in exchange for the immediate dismissal of the lawsuit.

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Lucille Kring, Anaheim Mayoral Candidate, Praises Killing of Cholo by Anaheim Police--Then Apologizes

Pendeja for Mayor!
Anaheim can always count on councilwoman and Mayoral candidate Lucille Kring to say something truly cringe-worthy. And after a shootout with Anaheim police left 21-year-old Robert 'Lil Clumsy' Moreno, Jr. dead and Bruno the Police Dog severely injured, the Know Nothing pendeja didn't disappoint, taking to a listserv for residents of the so-called "Colony" district (aka the old homes near Pearson Park NOT lived in by wabs) to share her thoughts.

"Bruno is a true hero as are all the canine police officers," Kring wrote. "And the shooting saved us a trial. Always a good outcome."

Yeah! Tough-on-cholos Kring for the win...until some political handler or other most likely called Kring up, pointed out to her Moreno was a human under the American Constitution, then reminded her about the public slapdown served to fellow councilwoman Gail Eastman for the Anaheim riots of 2012. Within 24 hours, Kring not only retracted her comment, but apologized in the most PC-pendeja way possible.

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Robert "Lil Clumsy" Moreno Jr. Identified As Shooter of Anaheim Police Dog; Dog in Serious Condition: UPDATE

See the bottom of the post for the latest updates

: Anaheim police shot and killed a man today at the 1100 block of Mayfair Avenue near the intersection of La Palma Avenue and Citron Street. It's the first fatal killing by the department since back-to-back shootings in July 2012 set off riots in the city that made national news.

Details are slim at the moment, but the Weekly was the first media on the scene. At the time, a non-fatal shooting took place when a gunman opened fire on Orange County Probation Officers conducting searches.

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Katella High Student Takes Selfie, Posts on Instagram as Anaheim PD Harasses Him and His Friends!

You gotta love this new generation of high school students borne on the teats of Instagram and eternal skepticism toward the police state. Want proof? Check out what happened last month at Katella High School in Anaheim.

Sources tell the Weekly that two students were waiting to get picked up after school when an Anaheim Police Department officer rolled up on them and asked why they were "loitering." Their answer--waiting for a ride home--didn't please the cop, so he started messing with them more. That's when one of the youngsters took the above selfie and posted it on Instagram--and that's when the fun started.

See Also: Harbor High Students Under Fire For Posting Dissected Cat Photos to Facebook

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Anaheim Police Face Another Federal Lawsuit Over Alleged Questionable Killing

Martin Angel Hernandez
Claiming a dirty Anaheim cop operating in a terribly corrupt police department murdered a 21-year-old man in March 2012, surviving family members filed a federal civil rights lawsuit this week inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse.

Humberto Guizar, the attorney for victim Martin Angel Hernandez's mother and minor child, wrote in the lawsuit that the police killing wasn't just "brutal" but is also representative of a "disturbing trend" of out-of-control members of the Anaheim Police Department's gang unit.

Guizar's description of the incident paints a picture of police officers who believe they can kill with immunity.

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Donna Acevedo, Mother of Man Slain by Anaheim Police, Running for Anaheim City Council

Donna Acevedo
The race for two open seats on the Anaheim city council this year just got a whole hell of a lot more interesting. Donna Acevedo, a mother who lost her 21-year-old son Joel Acevedo to an officer-involved shooting in July 2012, filed papers to run for Anaheim City Council.

"I was already thinking about running before," the lifelong Anaheim resident tells the Weekly, "but the Manuel Diaz verdict yesterday made me want to do it even more."

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Anaheim and Its Mayor React to Jury Clearing Cop Nick Bennallack in Manuel Diaz's Killing

See the update on Page 2 on the statements from Anaheim and its mayor hoping to quell another civil disturbance.

Manuel Diaz, R.I.P.
ORIGINAL POST, MARCH 6, 12:30 P.M.: A federal jury in Santa Ana today rejected a $5 million claim from the mother of Manuel Diaz, who at 25 was gunned down by an Anaheim police officer a day before a second Anaheim cop fatally shot 22-year-old Joel Acevedo, sparking the fierce local street riots of July 2012.

The jury--four Caucasians, three Latinos and one Asian obviously late for lunch dates--deliberated for only two freakin' hours before giving grieving mother Genevieve Huizar's wrongful death and violated civil rights suit the heave-ho.

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