Why Does Obama Birth Certificate Say What They Say It Does Not?

Among those commenting to the extended-play interview with Buena Park Pastor Wiley Drake over his legal action contending Barack Obama was not born in this country and should not be sworn in as president is Linda from Mariposa, who writes:

The Certificate of live birth is not a birth certificate--period! Obama's mother (private detective) was never in any hospital in Hawaii to even give birth. Even the announcement in the paper is an address that shows he never lived there. COLB's are usually given to foreign born, that have registerd in Hawaii. Hawaii has a long from vaulted copy on file. Hawaii officials have NEVER stated that he was born there. Why hasn't Obama produced the long form and make this go away! He's hiding something and that is for sure----I would say it is box 7c on that form! Under our Constitution I should add that I do not believe that McCain qualifies either. If Obama is foreign born---then you can bet we are going to go after McCain also! If citizens ignore the facts---which means we ignore our Constitution---God help us. Our government has been ignoring our Constitution tooooo long and it's time the people take a stand!

You can vaguely make out the birth certif...er...certification of live birth that accompanies the interview. Lemme see if this blown-up version is any easier to read:


For location of birth, it says Honolulu. For island of birth, it says Oahu. For county of birth, it says Honolulu. These are what FactCheck.org has on its site, by the way. Oh, and check this out ...


This would indicate a Hawaiian official did validate it. And there's this...


That seems to show an official stamp. None of this may satisfy true anti-Obama believers, but just to set the record squiggly...

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