Don't Get Riled Up at Great White, er, Whitesnake [RE-FORTIFIED]

Photo by Christopher Victorio
Whitesnake's David Coverdale is gonna getcha, Wednesday night at Pac-Amp.
Kimberly Elizabeth Marquez, 20, was arrested on suspicion of assault and battery of a peace officer, drunk in public and resisting arrest after allegedly trying to hit and kick two Orange County sheriff's deputies who were trying to help her because she appeared unconscious during the Whitesnake concert in Pacific Amphitheatre just after 10 p.m. Wednesday.

See what would drive someone to perceived unconsciousness and alleged cop battery in Christopher Victorio's rockin' slideshow from the Orange County Fair concert, which also featured Judas Priest, Pop Evil and lots of people wearing chains, leather and tattoos.

Incidentally, it's never a good idea to scuffle with police around here. Let's just say permanent unconsciousness can ensue. But let us all rejoice that it didn't end worse for the venue. Need you be reminded of a certain Rhode Island nightclub in 2003?

Oh, right, that was Great White, a totally different hair-metal band. Never mind.

The Weekly could not confirm rumors that 47-year-old, one-time Newport Beacher Tawny Kitaen was outside the concert venue, writhing seductively on hoods of cars, begging someone, anyone to videotape her.

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