Vladae the Russian Dog Trainer Cited for His Work With Pit Bull Puppy Who Was Repeatedly Stabbed

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Vladae the Russian Dog Trainer's volunteer services on behalf of a pit bull who was stabbed in Mission Viejo earlier this year has been recognized by Best Friends Animal Society.
Azure, recovered
In January, Justin Carrafield downed a bottle of alcohol while coming off a Xanax binge, then began fighting with his girlfriend Erin Lup in Mission Viejo. Carrafield choked her before transferring his rage to Azure, stabbing Lup's eight-month-old pit bull several times. He wound up getting a year behind bars for animal cruelty and cultivating marijuana.

Azure was rushed to the Pet Rescue Center in Mission Viejo, where the puppy was saved despite several stab wounds and a significant loss of blood. In August, Lup returned to the PRC to give up the dog, who was overly aggressive. Hmm, wonder why?

The PRC contacted Vladae Roytapel, who works with dogs for a living through his Newport Beach-based SoCal Dog Training. "Vladae has been a great help to the Pet Rescue Center with our more difficult dogs," explained Dr. Matthew Wheaton of the PRC in the Best Friends Animal Society piece.

Needless to say, Azure had issues. Using "Doglish," Roytapel's Dr. Doolittlesque communication technique with canines, the Russian trainer--on a strictly volunteer basis--was able to help the pit bull overcome her aggression. He also trained the PRC staff to continue working with Azure. Once she was comfortable around other dogs and children, Azure was cleared for adoption.

"Her response to training has been amazing," Wheaton observed, "and I credit the unique approach of Vladae." 

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My name is Justin Carrafield. I would like to state a response in an effort to rectify this judgement on me.

I would like to ask anyone who is strongly interested in this to please look further into the actual facts regarding this case.

This story is not as written above. Erin lup was my girlfriend at the time of this incident. She willingly and wrongfully slandered my reputation in a effort to obtain financial gain.

Dr.wheaton also took this opportunity to do the same thing. Erin lup and dr. Wheaton placed multiple adds for donations totally over 5o,000 dollars. My beautiful dog was never injured by me and Erin had the dog in her custody almost immediately after this happened.

I urge anyone reading this to also look up Erin lup and make your judgement based on findings.

Lastly I would like to state for the record that I currently have a beautiful loving wife and adorable Maltese puppy who was trusted to me by a friend. I would never and have never hurt animals and this story is by far one of the saddest days of my life.

Thank you

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