Swine Flu? Painted Face? 'Hair' Remake? You Decide!

5-1-09 Pancake Breakfast Photo 1.JPG
Some emails to Clockwork crossed wires in our email-making machine. As a result, it's unclear whether the accompanying photo goes with an emergency notification to Orange County parents on skin symptoms experienced by children infected with the swine-flu virus or the press release about the happy-happy joy-joy time face-painted kids had at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Laguna Beach-TLC Branch's fourth annual Birthday Pancake Breakfast.

Then again, there was also a third promotion, from the touring company of the Children's Theatre of Lytle Creek, about their upcoming remake of Hair! with a to-be-named American Idol reject coming to the Midway City Center of the Performing Arts.

Clockwork apologizes for any undue alarm this post caused.

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