Mom Threatened With Child Endangerment for Letting Her Kids Play Outside Gated Home

Danger! Danger!
An Aliso Viejo mom claims law enforcement officers threatened to sic social services on her for endangering her children.

Her crime? Allowing her oldest kids--ages 6, 7 and 9--to play just outside her town home, which is in a gated complex.
Lenore Skenazy
Shaylene Haswarey's sad tale ranked as the "Outrage of the Week" on the website of Lenore Skenazy, the New York-based syndicated columnist and author of Free-Range Kids: Giving Our Kids the Freedom We Had Without Going Nuts With Worry.

Haswarey writes she was visited by two police officers, but in Aliso Viejo they must have been Orange County sheriff's deputies. Whatever, when the heat at her front door said they'd been called by a neighbor because the kids were playing unattended, Haswarey says she explained her children had found a cat and she allowed them to go outside and feed it.

The cops said the busy-body neighbor also noticed the day before Haswarey's oldest child was in his pajamas outside in the rain. He was wearing sweat pants and a T-shirt, explained Haswarey, who noted she is from Idaho where kids play outside all the time. She writes:

He said my kids are too young to be out, because we do not have a yard, and this is a complex. He also told me there are predators around here. He finally told me if I let my kids out again he will have to call social services because I am endangering my children! What is wrong with this picture???

Haswarey wonders if it is against the law to go out in the rain in one's pajamas? Or to follow a stray cat and feed it? She knows her children know how to watch for cars, and she checked the Megan's Law website and found there are no predators registered in her neighborhood.

In her GATED neighborhood.

Aliso Viejo is a small city in between Irvine and Mission Viejo. These cities rank #1 by the FBI for the safest cities in America with a pop. of 100,000+. Therefore, Aliso Viejo is safer than the city I grew up in in Idaho!

Haswarey lost it after what happened next.

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