State Sen. Lou Correa Needs a Geography Lesson


​The office of state Sen. Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana) sent out an email containing the flier attachment above for the "Pathways to Higher Education Conference," a free event for high school students and their parents set for Nov. 21 at Coastline Community College in Garden Grove.

The conference will feature a legislative update and information on financial aid, preparing for college and leadership-skill building. But the politician--or, more likely, the staffers who throw this stuff together--seem in need of a remedial geography lesson.


The photo included with the flier does not depict the Garden Grove higher education facility, other Coastline Community College classrooms or the college district offices in Costa Mesa. Nor was the image screen-grabbed from any educational institution within Correa's district--or all of Orange County, for that matter.

El Segundo High School Leadership Team
El Segundo High has looked like this since 1927.
​It actually shows the front of El Segundo High School in Los Angeles County. (Hat tip to photographer Christopher Victorio.) The school is familiar to those who know the work of Alfred W. Rea and Charles E. Garstand, architects of the campus built in 1927.

Certainly, Correa's secondary school constituency does not require a pathway to a high school campus an hour or (with crushing traffic) three away--unless they are in so much trouble they must transfer out of the entire county.

Come to think of it, looking at some neighborhoods in Correa's central county legislative district . . . In any event, space is limited at the free conference that is aimed at getting you into college, and not a high school in El Segundo, so go here to sign up.

But double check those directions.

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