Loretta Sanchez-Sarah Palin Fashion Smackdown!

News item: The Federal Election Commission says Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D-Garden Grove) improperly used campaign money to buy new clothes, bringing to mind the flap last year when it was discovered the Republican National Committee spent more than $150,000 on designer clothing and accessories for vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her family.

Fallout: There is but one recourse, and that is a Loretta Sanchez-Sarah Palin fashion smackdown!

After the jump you will see each politico in various fashion ensembles. Trendzilla has been enlisted to comment on which politician scores the most fashion points or comes to a draw in each category. At the end, a winner is crowned.


Evening Wear: Palin and Sanchez cut imposing figures in their respective gowns.
Trendzilla says: First off, I'd like to state how angry I am with Matt Coker for making me side with Sarah Palin ever, in any walk of life. But: Shiny, silver sequined, body-con, spaghetti strapped anything automatically registers as a big fat fail--especially when in juxtaposition with a timeless black satin gown. But you know what else fails? Sending mass e-mails about your newborn son and signing it from God. 
Verdict: Sanchez by a fucking landslide.


Dressy Work Wear: The Alaskan and Latina work the crowds.
Trendzilla Says: Palin's channeling a little bit of mod with this one--check the 3/4th length, cropped sleeves, scoop neckline, bangles, large accent buttons and, in this instance, the big up-do even works. If you squint a little at Sanchez's red dress suit, it looks a bit like the surface of a tongue--fuzzy. Textured. Ew. But then again, Sanchez wasn't the one who gave Geraldine Ferraro a run for her money. Not yet at least. 
Verdict: Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez!

More Casual Work Wear: Style and comfort are important while making decisions that affect everyone's life on this planet as we know it.
Trendzilla says: Palin's tired pale pink and black color combination with the tied waist is pretty Sears catalogue. Sanchez's white suit with the contrast stitching, however, actually works
Verdict: Sanchez. For real this time.

Raided Grandma's Closet Wear? Sometimes . . . um . . . well?
Trendzilla Says: Huhmm. Tough: Animals sacrificed in the name of fashion (is that air-assaulted wolf you're wearin'?) or a pastel yellow on pastel yellow brooch that looks like it squirts water on pastel yellow suit? A true style conundrum.
Verdict: Clown corsage wins. 

Action Wear: Whether it's sporting with a fish or your feline, it's important to dress well. Hey, isn't it against the law in California to ride without a helmet?
Trendzilla Says: ...I just want to know where we got that kitty biker babe 'Shopped image. Either way, cat trumps fish. 
Verdict: Cat. I mean Sanchez. 

Doctored Photos of Their Heads on Someone Else's Body in a Bikini: This final category always throws judges for a loop.
Trendzilla Says: Aw. Remember how sad you were when you realized the gun totin', U.S. flag bikini wearin' photo was a big fat fake? (Though, if you really wanted to know what Palin looks like in a swimsuit, you could always check out her old pageant vids right here.) All she was missing was a neon-colored beer koozie. Aww.
Verdict: Oof. The combination of lace-up knee-high Minnetonkas and a bikini, despite the cut-and-paste head job (heh), is still way hotter than Palin anything--despite the obvious Cramps reference.

The final score? Sanchez 5, Cat 1. 

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