Loretta Sanchez Fashion-Off With Sarah Palin Draws Response From Congresswoman's Chief of Staff

Courtesy Rep. Loretta Sanchez's Office
The congresswoman presses the flesh at Little Saigon's Tet Festival.

For years and years and years--beginning long before most of you were born--Clockwork has taken potshots at Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Garden Grove). For that, this wind-up Cracker Jacks timepiece has never received an official response from her office.

Until today.

Adrienne Elrod, Sanchez's chief of staff, apparently saw this morning's post, "Loretta Sanchez-Sarah Palin Fashion Smackdown!" With more help judging than Clockwork deserved from Trendzillan Vickie Chang, a Zoolander-styled-catwalk fashion-off was lampoonishly waged between the two politicians who've found themselves in hot water over their respective clothing budgets.

That brought the photo above of Sanchez wearing an Ao Dai and this statement from Elrod, who encouraged Clockwork to quote her. (Another first, someone asking Clockwork to quote them.)

"While we certainly appreciate the humorous tone in this piece, we wanted to take the opportunity to clarify that the clothing the Congresswoman purchased was a Vietnamese Ao Dai (for $188.97), which she wears to Vietnamese cultural events throughout the district. The FEC dismissed its complaint against Rep. Sanchez, who voluntarily reimbursed the campaign for the expenditure."

The Federal Elections Commission office was closed when Clockwork just called, and the FEC website mentions nothing about the complaint being dismissed, but why would Sanchez's office lie about such a thing?

More importantly, what can Clockwork subject Dana Rohrabacher to to get his office to respond to our nonsense?

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