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Orange County Register: The top viewed story on the Reg website as my knuckles drag across the keyboard? Octuplets' mom reportedly moving to La Habra. That should shut up anyone who whines the media should stop covering Nadya Suleman so she'll slither back into obscurity. It's not like journos are being deluged by people demanding, "Give us more Ben Bernanke!" But I had to laugh while watching a morning news reporter on the teevee sticking his microphone into the faces of Suleman's future La Habra neighbors, asking if they are fine with Octomom living amongst them given the inconvenience of media trucks taking up permanent residence in the cul-de-sac. Two said they are happy she got a bigger place for her 14 kids, but upset with the media presence, hint-hint, asswipe. The irony was lost on the tele-reporter, naturally, as is the irony of me reporting on the reporter reporting about the over-reporting. . . . Is that 4 lbs. of cocaine strapped to your legs or are you happy to see me? John Wayne Airport security arrested a 22-year-old man about to bound a plane for Philadelphia after it was discovered he had that much blow strapped to his leg.

Los Angeles Times: In these troubled times, as more people are forced out of their cars, leave it to OCTA to cut bus service. . . . In more wheeled woe, RV maker Fleetwood has filed for bankruptcy. The company was founded in 1950 by the late John Crean of Santa Ana Heights. . . . A group of Walt Disney Co. shareholders want a say on wages and benefits to executives. . . . The sale of a Long Beach site of a former Boeing Co. airplane factory fell out of escrow, jeopardizing plans for a $500-million movie studio there.    

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