It's a Quick Read 2

Orange County Register: Classes sizes will balloon, up to 254 teachers will lose their jobs and frogs will rain down from the sky if Capistrano Unified School District goes through with plans to slash $25 million from its budget. But deputy superintendent Ron Lebs seems more interested in giving school trustees dining advice. "The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time," Lebs said. "We will keep doing that all the way through June." Bragger. . . . Fear not, fans of public school destruction: all OC districts are screwed. . . . Hey, future furloughed teachers: the line forms at Angel Stadium's Gate 5 for job applications. . . . The Rent show goes on at Corona del Mar High School after principal Fal Asrani is assured a "high-school edition" would be staged. See, in the toned-down version, all references to "gay" are replaced with "freshmen." . . . Octo-mom has been offered $1 million to do a porn film--and I just threw up in my mouth.

Los Angeles Times: The surf gear industry, which is primarily centered in Orange County, is tanking like the rest of the economy. Cost-conscious surfers can always use electrolyzed water to clean their boards. Let's call it a season now: the Angels pound the ChiSox, 12-3, in their spring training opener. Even better: despite the shitty economy, owner Arte Moreno says he'll keep his wallet open to ensure the Halos remain atop the standings. He's probably not a surfer.

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Holy cow. Did Ron Lebs really say that about eating an elephant...Seems to me he had better solve our budget problems rather than give us advice on how we should eat an elephant...William Kirkendale

See my 10 point plan for solving the school budget problems here in Orange County write me an email at

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