Historians: Lots of Presidents Worse Than OC's Favorite Disgraced Son

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It was mused here previously that, based on their respective (low) popularity ratings, George W. Bush was more despised upon leaving the presidency than Orange County's favorite disgraced son Richard Nixon, which prompted our tip of the press hat to the Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace Foundation in Yorba Linda for their masterful, decades-in-the-making-Nixon makeover. Well, it seems those low ratings must have also influenced the nation's historians, who in descending order rank Nixon 27th among the 42 pre-Obama U.S. presidents, with Honest Abe Lincoln taking the top spot. Bush the younger landed at No. 36, amazing some who'd have a hard time naming seven presidents who were worse.


Meanwhile, the Reading, Pennsylvania, Eagle Press celebrated President's Day by amplifying on Bern Township psychologist Heather Uczynski's contention that our nation's chief executives need not just intellectual ability but emotional intelligence. So how does the shrink rate our boy Nixon?


He was paranoid and driven by grudges, Uczynski said. He lacked the easy good humor and social ease of most politicians, seeming to transform himself into the caricature his opponents had drawn, she said. Nixon also could be a demanding boss and resorted to bullying. He also tended to disregard the feelings and rights of those not deemed to be on his side.


Coulda been worse. Uczynski could have ripped open her blouse to reveal the same t-shirt pop tart Britney Spears was rocking in Los Angeles the other day. It shows a cartoonish Nixon mug with one simple word in single quotes underneath: dick.

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