Hair Metal Makes Him Blush

American Hair Metal

We told you about how American Hardcore--the documentary about hardcore punk rock that Orange County helped spawn--was the No. 1 film at Regal/Edwards University across from UCI the week it opened. That film was based on producer Steven Blush's book of the same title, as we mentioned in our chat with the former hardcore promoter. So what's Blush's page-turning encore? Why, American Hair Metal, of course. Now, before you get your Spandex all in a bunch, let Bluth's publisher, Feral House, explain:

Perhaps you hated it, maybe you loved it. Grunge chased it into
seeming oblivion, but Feral House has it back in full spandex,
lipstick and Aqua Net glory. Yes, that's right: the extravagant and
often hilarious surfaces of AMERICAN HAIR METAL by Steven Blush, with
amazing photo contributions from William Hames, Eddie Malluk and
Frank White.

Meanwhile, you can check out the film American Hardcore's progress here, pick up Blush's book version here and get info on the soon-to-be-released Rhino Records CD soundtrack from the doc here.

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