WTF? Grenade Found at Fashion Island

An inert hand grenade was found in a parking structure at the tony Fashion Island mall in Newport Beach this morning.

Security patrolling the mall around 7:35 a.m. found the pineapple-shaped device standing upright in a parking stall on the second level of the carsoleum between Bloomingdales and Nordstrom, which I always pictured as more of an IED area.

If you must leave grenades at Fashon Island, please make sure they are fashionable.
"It was obviously placed there," a perplexed Newport Beach Police Sgt. Steve Burdette tells the Daily Pilot. "For what reason, we don't know. There's no rhyme or reason."

Unless it's the parking space for that witch who won't let a girl try on more than eight outfits at a time in the dressing room at Elie Tahari.

Hate her!

The parking structure was closed while an Orange County Sheriff's bomb squad robot examined the device, which still had a pin it in. However, it was determined the bottom had been drilled out of the grenade, meaning fragments would not scatter if detonated. Then it turned out it won't detonate anyway.

The area was empty when security came upon the grenade, no witnesses have come forward and no security cameras are pointed at that section of the mall grounds.

It's the second biggest Fashion Island mystery of the summer--next to how I'm possibly supposed to fit into the skinny jeans at Icara.

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