FBI Top 10 John Dillinger Myths Misses Biggest One of All

To mark the 75th anniversary of the end of John Dillinger's crime reign--which ended July 22, 1934, when Public Enemy No. 1 was shot and killed by FBI agents near the Biograph Theater in Chicago, the bureau's press room just issued a list of 10 myths about the outlaw given new life in a Hollywood movie starring Johnny Depp.

Among the myths the FBI list counters: that Dillinger was a Robin Hoodesque, romantic outlaw; that he was unarmed when he met his fate; that a stand-in was killed at the Biograph, not JD; that bureau thugs beat up Dillinger's one-time girlfriend after he was shot; that FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover assembled a hit squad to take Dillinger out; and that he badman was betrayed by a "woman in red."

But the FBI has obviously missed the biggest Dillinger myth of all . . .

. . . That he looked like Johnny Depp.

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