It's Tapioca! It's a Shopping Bag! It's a Tapioca Shopping Bag!

Before most of you were born, Saturday Night Live had a fake commercial where a husband and wife were fighting over a can's contents, with the wifey saying, "It's a floor wax" and the hubby protesting, "It's a dessert topping" before pitchman Chevy Chase stepped into their kitchen to inform, "New Shimmer, it's a floor wax and a dessert topping."

Perhaps it was in that spirt that Irvine-based recycled packaging company Earthpack came up with its latest product, Tapipack.

"It's tapioca!"

"It's a shopping bag!" 

"New Tapipack is tapioca and a shopping bag!"

Actually, the bag is not made out of a runny tapioca dessert but tapioca roots, a renewable, rapidly growing root that is completely biodegradable and compostable.

"We are always looking for new eco-conscious ways to better our company, our clients' needs and our planet," explains Dave Bock, Earthpack's founder and CEO, who we're going to imagine looks a lot like ol' Chevy.

Nike became the first Earthpack customer to order Tapipacks. Other customers of the 20-year-old company have included the Surfrider Foundation, the Quiksilver Foundation and the Alaska Wilderness League.

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