Did the Moon Rise for Last Time at Annual Mugs Away Event?

Photo by Christopher Victorio
It's mighty uncrowded along the fence as folks bare their asses for passing trains Saturday.
After getting the greenlight from the Laguna Niguel City Council, the Orange County Sheriff's Department beefed up its presence before Saturday's annual mooning of passing trains outside Mugs Away Saloon. The show of farce apparently worked. After last year's assfest drew 8,000 revelers, some of whom authorities claimed were too rowdy and raunchy, this year's mooning under a blazing sun drew only 200 die-hards.

So, now we can probably pucker up, drop to our knees and kiss goodbye to yet another ritual that exposed our non-plastic, non-conformist, refreshingly unreformed (back) side, Orange County! Enjoy Christopher Victorio's slideshow--while you still can. Consider the shots unsafe for work if you work at the Anaheim Police Department, Orange County Sheriff's Department or the uptight offices of the City of Laguna Niguel.

One lady told the LA Times there were more cops out there than mooners this year. Talk about tyranny: Why don't the supposed freedom fighters throw tea parties over shit like this? Oh, that's right, because mooning doesn't involve raising the taxes on the richest of the rich fucks--the "real" threat to individual rights in our fair society, not the shit corporate America, chambers of commerce and strip center-protecting goon squads foist on the public every day. Sorry for confusing the two.
Photos by Christopher Victorio
Then and now: The big crowd around 10 a.m. in 2008 (left) and the smaller turnout Saturday.
Now, keep in mind that the public had been duped to "there's-weapons-of-mass-destruction-in-Iraq" proportions before the Laguna Niguel council prudes took the action to crack down on butt cracks. Witnesses to the '08 event will tell you there was an incident or three (that was promptly dealt with), but mostly it was just thousands of peaceful mooners dropping trou for passing Amtrak and Metrolink trains. However, to hear sheriff's officials tell it, hellbound hillbillies were out there last year engaging in drunken public fucking, pissing all over everything and tricking innocent children with the old "pull my finger" gag-only using a different fleshy stump.

Photos by Christopher Victorio
The show of farce at this year's mooning included patrol cars, mounted units and even cops on trikes. Potential "evil-doers" are told to clear a sidewalk. Score one for Johnny Law!
Faced with these scare tactics, the council approved a plan that had a chopper, jail bus, jail van, two tricycles, horses, a command center, catering in the command center and gas and hay to fuel the vehicles out there Saturday. Wonder what the cost of cleaning up and patrolling last year's event with 8,000 people was vs. this year's Iran-worthy enforcement over 200? There was probably more cops assigned to Camino Capristrano than there were over in Costa Mesa at the Orange County Fair--not to say that, too, should be turned into another watered-down Orange County event.

So, hats off to the Laguna Niguel City Council. Now the city can go back to being what it was mostly known for: being a smidge more exciting than Laguna Woods and a whole helluva lot less fun than Laguna Beach. Way to go, asswipes. Literally!

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