Crime Time: Brawling Girls! Duct-Taped to Pole! Brawling Golfers! Tots on Train Tracks!

Not funny!
It's the Weekly's weekly round-up of local police calls--with a Monday dedicated to the ladies . . . awwwww yeah!


Pub Brawl Two women fought as men prodded them on around closing time (2 a.m.) at Auld Dubliner restaurant and pub, 2497 Park Ave., Tustin. The big loser was 22-year-old Angeline Lopez, not because she was defeated by her foe but because she was arrested on suspicion of fighting and  disobeying police orders.

Dialing for Shits and Giggles A drunken woman in the 300 block of North Ola Vista in San Clemente dialed 9-1-1 just after 9 a.m. because her girlfriend was "being arrogant" and she thought it would be funny to call.

What Some Girls Won't Do For Their Man Two female juveniles were nabbed after allegedly stealing condoms from a Huntington Beach store just after noon.

Yet Another Use Found for Duct Tape Police responded after 6 p.m. to a call of a girl tied and duct-taped to a telephone pole at the corner of Heil Avenue and Plaza Lane in Huntington Beach. Sure enough, a squad car arrived to find a girl in that predicament, crying. Through the amazing powers of police deduction, cops were able to discern that two friends tied the girl up because they "were bored." 
Tennis ball bong, anyone?

Hate Graffiti Reappears Remember that obscenity and a racial slur directed at African Americans that was discovered on the side wall of Ladera Cleaners in the Mercantile West Shopping Center in Ladera Ranch on Aug. 10? After being painted over by Westar Property Management workers last week, the hate rant reappeared by the time the first merchants arrived at 5:30 a.m. Workers were out again at 2:30 p.m., painting over the graffiti. The cops came, too, to take another report.

Fast-Acting Masked Men Clear Out Bank Three men wearing masks stormed into Bank of America, 2501 E. Bluff Drive, Newport Beach, about 11 a.m., and yelled, "This is a robbery, everyone get on the floor!" They then jumped over the counter, emptied the contents of cash drawers into bags and fled. They were seen hopping into a white Chevy Tahoe, which was recovered at a drugstore a few blocks away and determined to be stolen out of Los Angeles.

Stand-off With Desperate Iraq War Vet Ends Peacefully A Veterans Affair's suicide hotline requested authorities check on Nathan Vazquez, 27, who served two tours as a Marine in Iraq during the current Gulf War and suffered a traumatic brain injury from an IED blast. Sheriff's deputies found Vazquez, who has suffered from symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder--including sleeplessness, cold sweats and uncontrollable anger--since his 2004 honorable discharge, barricaded in the City Lights apartment complex in Aliso Viejo just after 3:30 p.m. He allegedly claimed to be heavily armed and willing to kill police. His girlfriend arrived during the standoff and told deputies Vazquez is desperate for more access to psychological help. He managed to email his concerns to the Orange County Register. By 8 p.m., 20 SWAT team members had Vazquez's building surrounded, but he eventually gave up and authorities declined to charge him with anything.

It's Gotta Be 4:20 Somewhere Three teenagers were spotted smoking marijuana out of a makeshift tennis ball pipe at Bonita Park, El Portal and La Ronda, in San Clemente, around 4:30 p.m. Or was it 4:20?


Courtesy of Huntington Beach Police Department
Daniel Blas Flores
Horrific Crime in Surf City An autistic 7-year-old girl was playing in the back yard of her Huntington Beach apartment complex in the afternoon when she was taken against her will to a neighboring unit, sexually assaulted and then released. The girl told her parents, who called police. After interviewing the girl and some witnesses, officers went to the unit of one of the girl's neighbors. Daniel Blas Flores, 27, was found hiding in a bedroom, according to police, who arrested him on suspicion of abduction, sodomy and rape.

51-Year-Old Gets T.J. Maxx Modeling Gig--Without Knowing It! When a security guard saw Steven Eugene Roman, 27, of Placentia, enter the T.J. Maxx at 2500 E. Imperial Highwa, Brea, around 12:45 p.m., he knew he recognized the customer from somewhere. Then it hit the guard: Roman had been seen allegedly shooting photos up the skirts of female shoppers on Aug. 10. After watching Roman allegedly put a hand-held camera under the skirt of a shopper and take several pictures, the guard called police, who arrived as Roman was leaving and arrested him. His 51-year-old victim was unaware she'd been modeling for him. Police say Roman's camera had similar photos of several other women who were possibly shopping at other area discount stores.

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