Hot Air, Mad Men and Hog Slopping at the California GOP Convention

Carly Fiorina--the former Silicon Valley CEO and current U.S. Senate candidate who ruffled the feathers of Irvine assemblyman and fellow Republican nomination seeker Chuck DeVore with her campaign's "demon sheep" ad--apparently scored a big hit at this past weekend's GOP state convention in Santa Clara with the above commercial that turns Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer into an evil zeppelin.

"The anti-Boxer ad created the steamiest buzz at the three-day convention, easily the glitziest, most stage-managed convention in the state Republican Party's history," reports the San Jose Mercury News, "largely because of the millions being thrown into the campaigns of mostly self-funded candidates such as Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, and Meg Whitman, the billionaire ex-CEO of eBay running for governor."

At Saturday's luncheon featuring Fiorina, the lights went low inside the Santa Clara Hyatt ballroom and the nearly eight-minute "Hot Air" ad began playing on a large screen. It's gone viral on YouTube since. When the lights came back up, a red-dressed Fiorina was suddenly in the middle of the room--like magic!

Take it away, Merc:

Fiorina quickly promised to "stop the pomp,'' as well as the "hubris and hypocrisy,'' in the nation's capital, when she arrives as California's next senator in January.

She berated Boxer for her "sharp tongue" and "invisible legislative record," which she called "a major embarrassment" to California.

Credit for the ad goes to Fred Davis, "the quirky GOP ad man who morphed Barack Obama into Paris Hilton and Tom Campbell into a demon sheep."

Campbell, a former Central Valley congressman viewed by the Fiorina campaign and state pollsters as a more serious challenger for the GOP nod than DeVore, is shown in the ad as a evil-eyed sheep, "fiscal conservative in name only."

Asked where he gets his ideas, Davis told a reporter, "I'm insane."

He's crazy successful, according to NBC News White House reporter Chuck Todd, who rated two of Davis' ads the best of the political cycle: the demon sheep ad and one done for Rick Snyder, the former CEO of Gateway Computers running for governor in Michigan. "He's one terrific nerd," proclaims the ad.

DeVore, perhaps from a lonely corner of the Hyatt, dubbed the blimp ad the "HindenBoxer."

Cue the crickets.

He was then asked whether he felt ignored because he hasn't been targeted by Davis in an ad.

"My time will come," predicted DeVore, who pinned that time being as soon as his poll numbers surge.

Also known as when demon sheep fly out of his butt.

At least DeVore did not leave the convention empty handed . . .

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