Counter-Prop. 8 Gay Marriage Initiative Coming to the Polls ... in 2012

Two weeks ago, Clockwork linked you to a report by The Liberal OC's Chris Prevatt about a disastrous same-sex marriage confab summit he attended where folks were split between what can loosely be labeled "the gay masses" calling for a new initiative to counter California's Proposition 8 on the next ballot and the "the political operatives" who--looking at polls, voter fatigue and most especially potential funding--suggested waiting until 2012 to have a better chance at victory.

Well, the politicos have apparently won.

A guest from Equality California is telling Larry Mantle of KPCC-FM right now--and reports are beginning to be posted online--that 2012 will be the soonest a pro-gay marriage initiative will be on the state ballot.

In fact, the officials say the 2012 campaign has already begun; advocates began knocking on doors this past weekend.

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