10 Reasons God Hates California

Considering Sunday's 7.2 earthquake just south of California's border with Mexico, the 4.1 shaker six miles southwest of Malibu and assorted aftershocks felt up and down the state as this is banged out with fingers crossed, it's obvious God is peeved at something. Before Pat Robertston, Wiley Drake or the "God Hates Fags" douchebag weigh in with their usual suspects behind you-know-who's wrath, here are the real 10 reasons God hates California.

Photo by Pete Souza
1) New polling that shows a majority of Californians support: Obamacare; politicians who voted for the bill; a temporary guest worker program; a path to citizenship for undocumented workers and the Kenyan in the White House.


Photo by Christopher Victorio
2) GOP frontrunner for governor Meg Whitman calling for more prison building--without identifying any specific funding source for them. Who does she think she is? A Democratic state legislator?

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3) The Oakland Raiders failure to grab quarterback Donovan McNabb, who the Eagles traded to the Redskins. 'Cause everyone knows the Almighty bleeds Silver and Black.


Wikipedia Commons
4) Heaven's Apple store ran out of iPads.

5) Charlie Sheen possibly leaving Two and a Half Men.

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