Lights AREN'T on and No One's Home When Immigration Activists Visit Ed Royce's Office

See the update at the end of this post on protesters arriving to Rep. Ed Royce's empty office, the sign that was left on the door for them and the messages they left for the congressman.

Courtesy of National Korean American Service & Education Consortium (NAKASEC)
Immigration-reform protesters block a road outside Rep. Ed Royce's office on June 27.

ORIGINAL POST, AUG. 28, 6:05 A.M.: If you thought the arrest of seven people in June outside the Brea district office of Rep. Ed Royce (R-Fullerton) would prevent protesters demanding immigration reform from returning this morning to show solidarity with a larger demonstration in Washington, D.C., think again.

7 Arrested at Immigration-Reform Rally Outside Rep. Ed Royce's Office

Activists from the National Korean American Service and Education Consortium (NAKASEC) Action Fund and supporting groups want a vote in Congress on immigration reform and a public demonstration of support for President Barack Obama's proposed "bold relief for immigrant families." They even cite a Fox News poll that says an overwhelming majority of Americans want Congress to do "something--anything!" on immigration reform.

The activists say they specifically want to know why Royce is not supporting a vote in the House and "to ask the congressman why he is attacking the immigrant youth and destroying the American values of family unity and prosperity."

Today's 11 a.m. rally is being held "in solidarity with the community leaders and supporters joining the D.C. rally and civil disobedience outside of the White House," also happening today, explain local organizers. Besides NAKASEC, participants will come from SEIU USWW and the Orange County Labor Federation. Royce's Brea office is at 210 W Birch St., Brea.

Social media sites where you can follow along:

* National Korean American Service and Education Consortium on Facebook ( and Twitter (@nakasec)
* Fair Immigration Reform Movement on Facebook ( and Twitter (@re4mimmigration)
* Reform Immigration for America on Facebook ( and Twitter (@RI4A)

Hashtag: #FightForFamilies

More on the fight:

UPDATE, AUG. 28, 1:03 P.M.: When those immigration reform activists arrived at Rep. Ed Royce's Brea district office this morning, they were met by closed doors, lights off and a sign that read, "All Staff Are in the Field," according to National Korean American Service and Education Consortium (NAKASEC) Action Fund members.

Thumbnail image for 160px-Edward_Royce,_official_photo_portrait_color.jpg
Royce WAS available for this photo.
They add that when they subsequently called the veteran Republican legislator's Washington, D.C., office, they were told the man of the people was unavailable.

So, the protesters left signs of their own on the door with messages like, "You missed the chance to listen to your community!" "We want to know, why are you attacking immigrant families? Why are you destroying American values?" and "Education, not deportation!"

As rally participant Reina Peñalosa of SEIU-USWW put it, "We are here to tell Ed Royce again that we need to keep families together. How much longer will we have to wait? We can't wait forever."

Members of NAKASEC and SEIU USWW were joined by an Orange County DREAMer demanding answers on why Royce voted to defund Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

"DACA granted me temporary relief from deportations, an opportunity to find a job, and allowed me to obtain a driver license," says Simon Jun, a UC Irvine student, in a NAKASEC statement. "It gave me a chance to chase my dreams, and believe that I can have a future. Deferred Action needs to be expanded so that my parents can also dream."

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In fact Royce like most republicans is opposed to a higher minimum wage.  The largest adult group employed minimum wage in the state is folks here illegality if a 12 or 13 per hr lowers the need to prefer immigrants to native born since more native born will go to worked at Walmart and so forth for a higher minimum then some folks here illegality are less employable will go home. When Seattle increased their minimum to 15 per hr some Asian and Latin business worried that they would not be able to hired folks at that rate.




Detain, detect, deport, and keep families together during deportation.  Repeat x 20 million.


Put them all against the wall.....

gregbpc topcommenter

Aw, ain't that cute, the SEIU band is out playing.


The question that should be asked is "are you here legally?" If you are there is no need for 'immigration reform' for you. If you are not here legally, then you need to be gone.

Kinda simple, ain't it?


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> W­W­W­.­c­a­s­h­B­u­z­z­8­0­.c­o­m 


"We want to know, why are you unable to follow immigration rules?"

"Why are you ignoring American law?" 

"Immigrate lawfully, or deportation!"


sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

immigration "reform" would mean

that people doing illegal acts would be arrested and put in jail

b/c for the most part they are free to commit crimes and maybe get sent back and then of course


ITS SO (not) funny that those that support the illegal acts refuse to give up their homes and goods to support people who break the law

that is indicative of a mental illness 


@gm0622 , your thinking is the problem. People are here illegality particularly if you are Asian and even Hispanic are expired vistas. People hired people here illegality because there is a job magnet. The conservatives that have whine about it for 30 years never think that fining the hell out of companies for hiring people here illegality is the only way to solved the problem. In fact conservatives love Texas which is the second worst on the illegal immigration problem about a million more such people in Texas than New York or Florida. Texas has had Conservative Republican governors since the 1990's and  it has gone up there faster than even California which had about 1.5 million immigrants by 1990 while Texas only had about 400,000. Now California is about 2.8 and Texas is about 1.8 and New York and Florida are both around 700,000. The politicians liked the immigration because it keeps the wages slightly lower for business interest here in OC, and its Republican politician that liked it. Royce is only against legalizing people since he thinks that may bring iin more people. In fact Republican support for NAFTA in the 1990's brought in more people than anything since it destroyed the Mexican corn farmer that left for Santa Ana and Anaheim. Asians also like it here since they have better opportunities. Granted, for Koreans its probably not as much as a gain as Mexicans since Korea has less poverty issues.

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

@ooaiaa12 So is this how you're making your bail money from the protest arrest?

gregbpc topcommenter

@cynthia.curran8 @gm0622 Employers should pay fines, but having worked in the hotel industry, employers shy away from interpreting documents provided by illegals.  They worry about lawsuits from MalDef, etc, if the provided documents are proven not fraudulent, or if they feel the employers are being racist.  E-verify should be implemented, but it's the democrats that are against that or any type of id (i.e. voter registration).  Sanctuary cities (run by democrats), and democrats are more than happy to provide the safety net and welfare funds for illegals.  So while some republicans may like the source of cheap labor, it is democrats that really force the issue of allowing them in the country.  Just read all the statements by the left regarding republicans/tea-party members any time the subject of illegal immigration is brought up.  The only thing heard from the left/democrats is shouts of xenophobia, racism, and discrimination, etc.

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