OC Animal Care Sued for Allegedly Putting Down Too Many Healthy Pets

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Just to be clear, Bunny is not seeking a fourth leg in the lawsuit.

The county is mum over a Seal Beach animal rescue nonprofit's $2.5 million lawsuit that alleges OC Animal Care euthanizes healthy cats and dogs too quickly.

Rose Tingle, OC Animal Activist, Urges Board of Supervisors to Put Fewer Critters to Sleep

The Voice of OC reported last week on the civil suit brought in Orange County Superior Court by Seal Beach-based nonprofit Paw Protectors Rescue.

That report was responded to in the Orange County Register by county spokeswoman Jean Pasco, who reportedly said the county had no comment, and OC animal shelter director Ryan Drabek, who is said to have claimed OC Animal Care has greatly reduced the number of animals it puts down.

Paw Protectors Rescue's Sharon Logan also alleges in her suit that the shelter fails to give proper medical treatment to injured animals and adequate water, shelter and exercise to all critters.

In addition to $2.5 million in punitive damages, Logan's suit seeks to force the county shelter to abide by state laws.

Orange County animal activist Rose Tingle in June urged the county Board of Supervisors to add at least $50,000 to the animal care budget for the coming year to reduce the number of euthanizations at the county facility.

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René Bruce
René Bruce

Typical Non Profit Greed and total clueless idiots ( in my opinion) why, cause I volunteered at OCAC and that place is the best run shelter! They truly care about placing animals in homes !!! I have not read the article but I will say this, it's all about numbers. To many animals in at same time NOT enough people to adopt them what do you expect ? This place works with other REAL rescues that fly chi's out of state. Also work with a very amazing lady that takes dogs and puts them into the Juvi next door to change them as service animals. Wanna see what OCAC is like, tune into netflix, find Shelter Me and watch ! I will also say that with over 300 volunteers them claiming that the animals don't get proper exercise etc is 100% false, these animals at this shelter actually get more human interaction then 80% of the animals in homes. Think about it, you work 8-10hrs, leave your dog or cat at home, then factor in 2 more hours of commuting etc then factor in 8 hrs of sleep. How much time do you spend with your pet actually ? Here at this place we log in every time we take a pet out to walk plat etc and I can say I would often be taking out a dog the 3rd time that day as others had already done so. This person at Paw Protectors Rescue should actually spend the $$$ to help adopt out more of these animals then trying to sue the county !

Diana Shabtai
Diana Shabtai

Nooooo!!! No dogs should be put down!!! \U0001f436\U0001f625\U0001f630\U0001f616\U0001f436\U0001f494\U0001f494\U0001f494

20ftjesus topcommenter

Perhaps I should have said, "does she have a leg to stand on?"

20ftjesus topcommenter

Any merit to her case?

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