Petra and Lester Huffmire Get Prison Time for Playing WoW All Day as Girls Wallowed in Filth

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Courtesy of the Orange County District Attorney's office
Petra Huffmire was sentenced to 3 1/3 years in prison and husband Lester got five years.

A couple accepted a deal from the court Tuesday that had them pleading guilty to having played World of Warcraft all day while leaving two girls--ages 5 and 10 at the time--malnourished, out of school and confined to their filthy mobile home in Anaheim.

Lester Louis Huffmire and Wife Petra Huffmire Allegedly Kept Malnourished Girls in Filth Pit

Lester Louis Huffmire and Petra Huffmire, both 42, pleaded guilty in Orange County Superior Court in Fullerton to two felony counts of child abuse and endangerment with sentencing enhancements for inflicting great bodily injury.

The husband also copped to misdemeanors: two counts of false imprisonment and a lone count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He was immediately sentenced to five years in state prison, while his wife received 3 1/3 years. Without the plea deal, each was looking at up to seven years and four months in the can if convicted.

It was a call to police by a neighbor in May 2013 that prompted an investigation into the Huffmires, A welfare check determined the malnourished girls had matted hair, dirt crusted on their fee and teeth damaged beyond repair.

The four lived in a mobile home where toilets did not work, kitchen appliances were covered in mold and cobwebs, stacks of trash, debris, mold, and feces were strewn throughout the home and a pile of used condoms were left under a stuffed teddy bear.

The Orange County District Attorney's office had alleged the residence was so filthy it was uninhabitable.

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