Irvine is No. 5 Best U.S. City for Soccer Moms and Dads; Which OC Cities Cracked the Top 20?

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Who do I listen to, my coach or my mom?

Irvine has been named the fifth best place in the country for soccer moms (and dads), which shouldn't surprise anyone who has had a kid on a club team from elsewhere in Orange County. Seems like they were always playing games in Irvine or against a team from there. A couple other OC cities cracked the Top 20 in the NerdWallet rankings; can you guess which ones?

They are Anaheim at No. 13, followed by Santa Ana at No. 14. Wherefore art thou Mission Viejo? Not on this list.

NerdWallet, a financial site that crunches numbers to routinely come up with lists like these, measured each city's median income against the level of soccer competition, total number of youth clubs per capita and costs for gasoline, car insurance premiums for a Ford Escape and sideline snacks such as bananas and orange juice. (Shouldn't that be orange slices? Just sayin' ...)

Using this formula, Tacoma, Washington, emerged as the top city in the country for soccer moms and dads. Irvine is sandwiched between Worcester, MA, at No. 4 and Ontario, CA, at No. 6. Tag-teaming Anaheim and Santa Ana are Seattle, WA, at No. 12 and Vancouver, WA, at No. 15. San Bernardino and Riverside finished 17 and 18 respectively.

I do believe one very important criteria is missing: Which city has soccer parents who are most enthusiastic about waking up at 6:30 a.m. on Saturdays to put up the nets?

A NerdWallet chart that accompanied the rankings follows on the next page ...

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Gilberto Barrios
Gilberto Barrios

How is Irvine #5 and Santa Ana only #14? Sure, the majority of parents in SA are not financially successful like in Irvine but a large number of parents in SA live, breath, and eat soccer. I've had many students from there travel around the US and other countries to play soccer because of their talent. That talent, in my opinion, is largely credited to the parents for supporting them throughout their lives. Just saying...

Katie Yellig
Katie Yellig

Haha! Thanks for the heads up, Laura ! You really weren't kidding !


The headline read, " Soccer patents "

20ftjesus topcommenter

And it's only going to get worse. 


This is true and Irvine is going more Asian and less white. Asians I think as a group are less into little league Soccer, so it probably overrates it. Mission Viejo I think has the soccer and Lacrosse moms and Dads more while Irvine has more Chinese, Indians and so forth less interested in it. Both Irvine and Mission Viejo are actually more known for swim teams than soccer players. Santa Ana they love soccer this is true.


My point about the swim team remarked. I was a swimmer and Orange County usually  has a hot white swimmer each decade. In fact OC had two hot minority swimmers. Jesse V years ago the top Puetro Rician swimmer of the 1980's swim for Mission Viejo in the 1984 olympics. Cindy Tran won the 100 yard backstroke at NCAA's top college championship for Berkeley.. Recently, Katie McLauglin one of those hot white swimmers placed 3rd at the Pan Pacific games and goes to the world team next year and in 2016 has a good shot at making the Olympics. I use to swim as a kid medocre by competitive standards but keep up with what is going on it the sport.

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