Imran Ali Uddin Gets Three Years in Prison for Flashing 13-year-old Girl at Walmart in Orange

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Courtesy of Orange PD
Imran Ali Uddin gets 3.
A registered sex offender who flashed a 13-year-old girl at a Walmart in Orange was sentenced last week to three years in prison.

Imran Ali Uddin, 24, of Anaheim, had pleaded guilty June 6 to felony indecent exposure and misdemeanor child annoyance in a plea deal that had a felony charge of lewd or lascivious act with a minor dropped.

Losing that count saved Uddin the possibility of six more years locked up, according to his defense attorney. But prosecutors add the misdemeanor child annoyance count ups Uddin's profile on the Megan's Law online database.

Imran Ali Uddin Held for Allegedly Flashing and Fondling His Junk at Teen Girl at Walmart

The 13-year-old girl was shopping with her grandmother at the Walmart in the 2300 block of West Tustin Street on Oct. 3 when the stranger approached her, exposed himself and fondled himself, according to Orange Police.

Courtesy of Orange PD
The Walmart Creeper strikes!
Investigators looked at Walmart surveillance video, which was also released to the public, and later that same month Uddin was arrested for the crime.

On Dec. 1, 2009, Uddin was convicted of misdemeanor indecent exposure and sentenced to 29 days of community service and placed on three years of informal probation, which expired in February 2013.

According to a City News Service report, the teen victim gave an emotional victim impact statement in court, saying she now feels uneasy when men stare at her or when she shops in stores.

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Immigrant crime wave continues full throttle.

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

so he is habitual and they make a deal with him for less time to serve to keep children safe

those monsters need to be fired!!

whateveryousay topcommenter

Because registered sex offenders never reoffend....

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

So does this guy have any court-mandated therapy sessions coming? Three years seems like a pretty light sentence for traumatizing a young girl. :-(

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