Erick Catalan, Fatally Shot by Huntington Beach Cops, Was Not a Wrongful Death Victim: Jury

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Courtesy of Orange County Sheriff's Department
Erick Catalan (left) and John Torres were fatally shot. Catalan's mother sued Huntington Beach.

A federal jury recently ruled against the mother of a Long Beach teen who was one of two killed in an officer-involved shootout with two Huntington Beach cops in Westminster on Nov. 1, 2011.

Erick Catalan was Wrongfully Gunned Down by Huntington Beach Police, Mother Claims

The Huntington Beach Police Department said at the time that the officers were following a vehicle carrying three people because cops believed one occupant--John Torres, 26, of Fullerton--was armed.

This led to a traffic stop on Hammon Place north of Westminster Boulevard in Westminster, where a woman got out of the car and was placed in a police unit while Torres and Erick Catalan, 19, of Long Beach, remained inside.

The lawsuit brought by Catalan's mother, Maria Isabel Garcia, identified the on-scene officers as Officer Kenton Ferrin and Sgt. Tom Weizoerick. An Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA) investigation of the officer-involved shooting found that Ferrin heard a gunshot and fired in the direction of Torres, as did Weizoerick.

Catalan was shot after he reached toward Torres and ignored orders to put his hands up, according to the DA's office, adding a stolen gun later found inside the vehicle had the DNA of both men was on it.

Garcia filed her wrongful death complaint in April 2012, and the OCDA cleared the officers of criminal wrongdoing six months later, in October 2012.

Robert English, Garcia's attorney, argued in court the two officers should have waited for backup after the car was pulled over. He later told City News Service his client was less interested in a financial award than she was an admission from the City of Huntington Beach that the officers mishandled the situation.

But after about 2 1/2 hours of deliberations, jurors found in favor the city and the officers.

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They sure look like model citizen to me...LOL


yay two less thugs... stupid gang members


FUCK YOU ALL,!!!!!'Stupid mother fucker, Erick was never a gang member, we went to high school together, at the time of a stupidest fight at school he was the first one to leave before anything happend, do not judge a book by his cover as for the other guy I know nothing about, knowing Erick he was just there at the wrong place and wrong time


RIP Erick Catalan, from your boy Jimmy, A


@Fuckyou haha very classy , then why he is hanging out with a known gang member? was he as a "lost puppy" need some "homie" to kick it with him , sad he is dead for his stupidity and that john andrew, ese un pendejo , he left a son behind and now the son is gonna be raised by a thug who is locked up , what a tool


When has a LEO EVER been guilty of a wrongful death? Waste of time. Just accept the police state and pray you or your son never gets in the line of fire.


oh well

is his name E-Rick or Eric-k with a double K sound?

from what i know Eric or Erik is a Norse name but i've never seen it spelt that way, if its meant to be Eric.

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