Bao Nguyen: I'm Running To Be Garden Grove's Mayor

Bao Q. Nguyen: Lets make Garden Grove better for residents
Bao Nguyen--one of Orange County's rising, young political stars--announced today that he is running for mayor of Garden Grove, his hometown city.

The intellectually-weighty, calm but irrepressible son of Vietnam War refugees, Nguyen--currently a trustee of the Garden Grove Unified School District's Board of Education--says he can help make serious improvements in city affairs for residents.

"I want to return focus back to our neighborhoods and businesses," the UC Irvine graduate said in a statement. "Our neighborhoods need attention as much as our tourism industry. We should be a city where our children will choose to stay, raise families and grow businesses."

On the school board, Nguyen's achievements have included improving learning standards for students in language skills as well as fighting homophobic plots to ban gay and lesbian Vietnamese American citizens from participating in the annual Tet parade in Little Saigon.

If elected mayor, he says improving Garden Grove's infrastructure is a top goal.

"My priority is ensuring our city is accountable to families and taxpayers by having responsible budgets that focus resources on livable neighborhoods," said Nguyen, who enjoys allies in the county's labor union community. "Our sidewalks, road and streetlights need repair."

He says he wants to strengthen commercial infrastructure to attract high-paying, technology company jobs and to help residents, particularly senior citizens, get access to important healthcare.

Among Nguyen's opponents will be Bruce Broadwater, the current mayor who is seen by many observers--to be overly kind--as the fossil-like, slippery tool of certain business special interests in the city.

Nguyen, a grassroots activist who knows the middle way
Nguyen won 2013 honors in OC Weekly's annual People issue and first saw national media attention as a college student in 2000 after my news article involving Sen. John McCain's use of the slur "gook."

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Will he lift the MMJ dispensary ban that is currently affecting GG?

What is his game plan for bringing in business that is worth spending money on? 

The corner of Euclid and Katella is an eyesore and a half, as is the Brookhurst Chapman (old Pavilions location). GG Blvd and Harbor.

The city needs to worry more about the residents versus the tourists dollars it's chasing after.

How about municipal high speed internet service like the town in Tn?

Gabriel Torres
Gabriel Torres

is he gonna do anbything abouut the "massage spas"?? fuck man human trafficking cannot be ignored


The city needs a make-over and Bao may be the beautician to make it pretty again.


What a great candidate. Meanwhile, nextdoor in Santa Ana, that cities "favorite son" Roman Renya attemts to unseat it's longtime mayor.

The difference is Stark, Bao is well spoken, humble, educated from the University of California. Whereas, Renyas claim to fame is a series of unpaid volunteer jobs, a brother who was murdered by gang members in prison and his relationship with a "La Eme" attorney.

I take a lot of shit for my outspoken veiws, but I remain true: as long as the people )Dem's especially) put up losers like Reyna, Benavides and company, they get what they deserve.


Against Broadwater.  Not only corrupt but an embarrassment to Democrats with his major funding of homophobic Prop 8.  And Dina's inseparable crony.


I got a man-crush on him too, Scott.  Go BAO!

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