Allan Mansoor, State Assemblyman, Tees Off on Caltrans' Slimy 405 Freeway Toll Lanes Plot

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Who's ready to (tea) party?

I find myself in disagreement with Tea Party members and state Assemblyman Allan Mansoor (R-Costa Mesa) when it comes to many things. But the idea of Caltrans ignoring the wishes of nine Orange County cities along the 405 freeway corridor that are against the installation of toll lanes--funded with Measure M money voted in by Orange Countians for a list of transportation projects that included expansion of that very FREEway--makes me want to dress up like Paul Revere, lock arms with the politico I've dubbed Mansore and sue the beejesus outta the state for this rampant example of taxation without representation.

Fortunately, Mansoor has a cooler head in this situation than yours truly and instead of resorting to stunt suing, he submitted the following "opinion editorial:"

Here We Go Again
By Assemblyman Allan Mansoor

After successfully convincing the Orange County Transportation Authority to shelve the 405 toll lanes proposal, Caltrans is coming in and hopes to use Orange County sales tax revenue to tax us even more.

Orange County voters have twice voted for Measure M, the half-cent sales tax, to pay for transportation needs in Orange County. The Measure M promise was clear: a new lane in each direction on the 405 from Costa Mesa to Seal Beach. Caltrans, like OCTA before it, wants to use Measure M funds to further increase revenue through the addition of toll lanes on the 405.

While support for toll lanes is seen primarily among special interests and government bureaucrats, many elected leaders have remained silent. They seem unwilling to draw the ire of special interests that want toll lanes so badly for their own benefit. I'm open to a variety of ways to finance new construction, but converting existing lanes that we've already paid for into toll lanes is wrong.

There are other problems as well. While toll lanes will improve commute times for those who are willing to pay as much as $15 per day for the privilege, no one else would receive the benefit of Measure M taxes because the toll lane proposal will result in the same number of free lanes as there are now.

Even worse is the fact that local residents will be unable to use the toll lanes (if they want to) because there will be limited entry and exit points along the Costa Mesa to Seal Beach route. In addition, local businesses that rely on out-of-town consumers will suffer when commuters choose the toll lanes and are unable to exit the freeway along the toll lane corridor.

I will continue to advocate for taxpayers and standup to ensure that the Measure M promise is kept. Taxpayers were promised a free lane on the 405, and they should get it. Even if we can't stop Caltrans from building toll lanes, we can make sure they don't use Orange County tax revenue to do it.

Leadership on this issue requires more than sending one letter. My focus, now and in the future, will be on protecting Orange County taxpayers from the 405 toll lanes money grab. To help in this effort, like our Facebook page, Stop the I-405 Toll Lanes, and visit for more information.

Amen, brother.

And don't fire until you see the whites in their Lexus IS.

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Dam, those anchor babies and their filthy hands!!! We pay the price for allowing them to stay. Thank you, U.S. Government. 


Should I write this down?  Matt Coker and Allan Mansoor agree.... 8/6/2014

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

Once again, the root cause here is population growth. Or to be exact, growth of a population that doesn't pay its way.

When I was a kid, the 5 and 405 were both 3 lanes (each way). They ran more freely than they due now, mostly because there were roughly half as many people in OC and California. And they were free, mostly because the population then paid enough taxes to cover its public expenditure expenses.

Well, the population that existed then did as it was told. It didn't have the 3-4-5 kids that was common during the baby boom. It has 1-2-3. A lot had zero. We controlled our own population. Had that been the end of the story, we'd still have freeways (used to be a point of pride for Californians that unlike the benighted 'back east' folks, we **didn't* have toll roads). We'd pay more than enough taxes for maintenance and even improvement.

But when you allow mass immigration of people who, quite a few of them, do jobs that used to be done by kids (mowing lawns, flipping burger,washing cars) living at home with parents, and the former have 3-4-5 kids in the school system, and get section 8 and 'free' school lunches and breakfasts -- well, they don't pay enough taxes to cover the costs they impose. That's why what was a 5.25% sales tax when I was born became a 6% tax when I graduated high school and is now 8%. That's why we have special taxes for 'freeways', the worst roads in the contiguous 48 states, and horrendous traffic.

It is nice to be able to hire a guy to mow your lawn for $50 a month. It is nice to be able to get a 'hand wash' for a $5 tip. But these things have public costs that we all pay, even those of us who wash our own car and mow our own lawn.

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

@FFO1939 And here's the guy who idolizes a bona fide dictator...



Yep! send em all back where the majority of them came from I say! THE EAST COAST AND MIDWESTERN UNITED STATES!! Frickin' Rose Parade god damn it!

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

@MeToo @Mitchell_Young Except when there actually was net migration -- and a lot of it -- from the East and the Midwest, we could afford truly free 'freeways', had basically free junior colleges, near free State universities, etc.

At any rate, California did try to stop the Oakies from coming (there's a sob story that Arellano won't whine about). The state was shot down in court.

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

@fishwithoutbicycle @GustavoArellano @Mitchell_Young Immigration is a public policy, we, the receiving population have a right to regulate it in our best interests. Large scale immigration has some positive impacts, but it also have a lot of negative impacts.

Population growth in California is exclusively driven by foreign migration, the migrants themselves and their children. Native born Americans, including 'Latinos' have been leaving the state (on net) for two decades plus.

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