Timothy Charles Wilkinson Wanted to Commit Murder-Suicide But Only Got Suicide: Deputies

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Autopsy results are pending on Timothy Wilkinson
Sheriff's homicide investigators believe a 56-year-old Lake Forest man tried to pull off a murder-suicide with his wife as the victim Tuesday, but only managed to successfully complete the suicide portion.

Timothy Charles Wilkinson was declared dead from a gunshot wound at his home in the 28000 block of Mountain View Lane in Trabuco Canyon, according to Lt. Jeff Hallock, the Orange County Sheriff's spokesman.

Meanwhile, Wilkinson's 72-year-old wife is being treated at a local hospital for blunt force trauma to the head and lacerations to her neck, says Hallock.

He added the unidentified woman is expected to survive.

"We believe the deceased male attempted to or intended it to be a murder-suicide," Hallock tells City News Service. "We're investigating his death as a suicide."

Investigators were awaiting an autopsy to confirm Wilkinson's cause of death.

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fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

So he thought it was appropriate for his wife to suffer from being beaten to death but felt he was entitled to end his own life quickly and painlessly? Scumbag.

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