Richard Raoul Contreras, Retired OCTA Bus Driver, Gets a Year for Possessing Child Porn

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Richard Raoul Contreras retired as an OCTA bus driver during the time between porn being found in his home and work locker and his arrest.

A retired Orange County Transportation Authority bus driver has pleaded guilty to possessing child porn was immediately sentenced to a year in jail.

Richard Raoul Contreras, Ex-OCTA Bus Driver, Accused of Holding Buttloads of Child Porn

Richard Raoul Contreras was looking at up to three years in prison if convicted without the guilty plea. The Garden Grove 63-year-old, who retired from OCTA in 2012, was also placed on three years of probation Thursday.

A tip to the Orange County Child Exploitation Task Force about Contrearas possibly possessing child porn led investigators to his home on May 30, 2012, when hundreds of videos and images were found on his home computer stored on hard drives, flash drives, CDs and DVDs. His work locker also contained CDs and DVDs with child porn on them.

The investigation was capped by Contreras being arrested Oct. 2, 2013.

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i wonder if he has a mustache. 


@paullucas714 he didn't do physical harm yet.. fired and detention maybe.. that alone ruined his life. but 1 year sounds harsh.. we will be spending 100k on his incarseration and made another "member" of society permanently locked in criminal life. how else is going to live now? if he had touch a child that's a totally different story. whole point is that his life is ruined well enough.

paullucas714 topcommenter

@jongwoonkim Tell that to the people who got sentenced for crack cocaine possession to multi decade terms in prison while those arrested for simple possession of powdered cocaine got to go to rehab.

You are speaking of a victimless crime. I do not see child pornography as a victimless crime. Every time the images are viewed that child is victimized once again. and  their consumption of the material causes those who sell it to pursue more victims. HIs actions of obtaining it and viewing it lead to more victims to be victimized to the financial benefit of those who purvey that material.


@paullucas714 @jongwoonkim "Every time the images are viewed that child is victimized once again" How so? That is the biggest line of BS that the public has swallowed hook line and sinker.

And what does having some photos on your hard drive have to do with the obvious insanity of distinguishing between crack and powdered cocaine? ????

paullucas714 topcommenter

@Biff @paullucas714 @jongwoonkim Seriously dude? You don't think that the victimization continues every time those images are viewed? You are one seriously fucked up individual whom I think may have a proclivity towards pederasty.

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