Octomom Nadya Suleman Means to Make You Scream at Her in Latest Old Horror Movie

The motion picture formerly known as Millennium
Natalie Denise Suleman IS Vanessa in Millennium, I mean, 666: The Devil's Child.

When Octomom Nadya Suleman of Orange pleaded no contest Monday to welfare fraud, I figured some of the unreported income came from starring in the horror flick Millennium. After all, as I'd reported in November 2011, the director was saying Millennium was coming soon. Turns out we both were wrong.

Octomom Nadya Suleman Gets Top Billing on Millennium Poster

Millennium never did come out. It's not even Millennium even more. It's been renamed 666: The Devil's Child and, according to that fountain of accurate information director Kevin Finn, Octo's acting debut (not counting the self-love porn, which was real acting) is now scheduled to be released July 25.

Not in theaters, mind you, but via Amazon, iTunes and cable on demand.

"A re-vamp of the final cut and a new title have made this micro-budget film an enticing and thrilling watch," say producers. "The film's directors cast Suleman in part for her name recognition, but were surprised by the level of her acting talent."

That throw up in my own mouth was not from morning sickness.

The plot: The single mother of 14 stars as a woman named Vanessa, who joins a man in visiting a young woman they met on the Internet. Once they arrive at the woman's remote home, unexplainable things begin to happen (which anyone who has seen the disgusting condition of trashed Octo-pads can relate to).

Did I mention Suleman is a virgin? Scratch that: her character is a virgin. Actually, her character is suspect, but in the movie the Virgin of In-Vitro becomes impregnated by a demon.

"Nadya Suleman is the best new scream queen" in the business," says Finn (as the inside of my mouth fills with another load). "It was truly an honor working with her. She has a bright future in the movie business!"

Hell, for the sake of her kids, here's hoping she makes it in some kind of business.

"I feel very fortunate to have been given this opportunity to star in this horror film," Suleman says in the press materials. "There are very similar characteristics between my character, Vanessa, and myself, which has made it easier to prepare for my role."

And the Oscar goes to ...

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Hi Matt, actually the movie did come out. When it was titled "The Conception" (change from 1st name "Millennium" and 2nd name "Insidious"), it was available online for streaming as of December 2012, on a "free" download site called noonton.com. It wasn't really free, because they required your credit card number to start the download. I figured it was a phishing site to collect credit card numbers and then charge you monthly for movies you never ordered (you know how those scams go), so I wouldn't touch it. However, Amazon and iTunes are legit retailers. I was always curious to see what kind of "acting" Nadya could do, so I might get her little epic from Amazon. In fact, she's a pretty good actress in her real life, when you consider all the BS she's said with a straight face in her interviews... such as "I've cared for my family all alone, with no help," when she's always had nannies and unpaid volunteer helpers, plus Grandma Angela babysitting regularly.  

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