Accused Orange County Methamphetamine Dealers Face Federal Grand Jury Indictment

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Paul Lee Levitt may have thought he'd gone undetected while allegedly running an Orange County methamphetamine distribution network in 2012, but in January a federal grand jury filed a secret indictment against him and authorities finally arrested him this week.

According to the now unsealed five-count indictment, Levitt (a.k.a. Shorty) and Joseph Anthony Meza, a drug courier, unwittingly sold at least 55 grams of meth on various occasions to a confidential law enforcement informant.

The going rate of the street narcotic was $800 an ounce, the indictment alleges.

There's no indication if Meza is also in custody.

Levitt, who was born in 1973, pleaded not guilty on all counts during a July 16 hearing.

U.S. District Court Judge Andrew J. Guilford is scheduled to preside at a September 9 trial inside the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana.

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