Former Superman vs. Former Superstud: Dean Cain and Matt Leinart Trade Barbs

Dean Cain: from Superman to life on the D list?

Dean Cain, who played Superman on the ABC series Lois & Clark in the 1990s, told TMZ Sports that Johnny Manziel should be careful about running with the Hollywood crowd because he wouldn't want to end up out of the NFL like Matt Leinart. Guess who took the Twitter after that?

Yep, it was the pride of St. John the Baptist in Costa Mesa, Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, the University of Southern California and the Heisman Trophy selection committee.

Oakland Raiders
Matt Leinart is currently out of football but on the defense.
"Put 7 years in, pretty sure that's 7 more than 99% of the world," Matt Leinart tweeted first.

The lefty is said to have followed that with tweets stating: "Some people should stick to their day job because they couldn't cut it!" and "Stick to being D list."

I say "said to" because those appear to have disappeared from Leinart's Twitter feed. (You know how those USC boys like to keep it classy.)

By the way, Leinart was cut by the Buffalo Bills in training camp after suffering a knee injury. He's now a free agent.

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