Macy's MainPlace Pepper Spray Robber Sought by Police

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All photos courtesy of Santa Ana Police Department
The woman is white, in her mid 30s, with dark red hair and sporting tattoos on both arms.

Images pulled from surveillance video show a woman wanted for walking out of the MainPlace Santa Ana Macy's with $400 worth of clothing she did not buy, being confronted by security and pepper spraying the officer to make her getaway, according to police.

The woman left the Macy's at 2850 N. Main St. around 9 p.m. Tuesday.

The store's loss prevention officer was pepper sprayed twice while trying to detain the woman, according to the Santa Ana Police Department.

She darted off and toward a mall exit after leaving the officer behind.

The thief was met in the mall parking lot by a silver, four-door, newer model Nissan sedan with two males inside, police said.

She would head to a getaway car that drove east through the MainPlace parking lot .

The trio's Nissan eventually made it onto Main Street and escaped in an unknown direction. Anyone with information that can help investigators find them is asked to contact Orange County Crime Stoppers at 1.855.TIP.OCCS.

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sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

thats what happens when the good people are not allowed to be armed

the leftists go after their anointed ones

"redistribution is a good thing"


of course people have been stealing long before Obama

but his blessing it has led 

20ftjesus topcommenter

I saw a pimp/ho combo steal a biz book from BN the other day.  Well, at least they were trying to better themselves (unlike the above clowns).


All You can see and smell is your top lip.


All you can see and smell is your top lip.

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