Lynne Curtin, Ex-Real Housewife of OC, Sees Teen Daughter Alexa Leave Porn for Playboy

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Alexa Curtin performed under the porn stage name Jayden Taylors.

Apologies to all involved, but after reporting that former Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Lynne Curtin's daughter Alexa was doing porn, I had not been informed the teen ended her brief career as a barely legal receptacle to pursue something more wholesome. Like posing for Playboy.

Lynne Curtin Goes from Real Housewives of OC to Mom of a Suicide Girl and a Porn Star reports not only is the Laguna Niguel mom claiming her daughter is done with porn, but the apparently former Jayden Taylors is writing on her Facebook page that Hugh Hefner's pub came a-calling.

"Just got offered to shoot for playboy! shocked but stoked!!!!" she wrote in a Wednesday post, adding for the haters: "I respect everyone's own opinion on this, but ultimately it's my life and personally am content with it and could care less if anyone is upset about it. I don't live to make others happy."

Yes, best to leave that for the exploiters.

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