Pound Sand Canyon, Irvine: Los Alamitos Ranked Ninth Best City in America for Families

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Courtesy of the City of Los Alamitos
Bring the kids!
When I saw that an Orange County city had been named among the 10 best places in the country for families, I figured it must be Irvine. It's constantly ranked America's safest city after all.

When I discovered the rankings were based on public-school districts, I KNEW it had to be Irvine.

Just shows I've got some edumacating to do on meeself as Irvine--safe and smart and stucco-infused Irvine--did not draw iron.

Los Alamitos was the chosen one, according to the number crunchers over at Zip Realty.

The top 10, in order and identified by school districts, were:

1. Delano Public School District in Minneapolis
2. Fort Mill School District in Charlotte, N.C.
3. Lovejoy Independent School District in Dallas
4. St. Charles C.U.S.D in Chicago
5. Harvard public schools in Boston
6. Lake Oswego School District in Portland, Ore.
7. Nanuet Union Free School District in Westchester (north of New York City)
8. Eanes Independent School District in Austin, Tex.
9. Los Alamitos Unified School District
10. Mercer Island School District in Seattle

To narrow down the list, Zippernecks analyzed the highest-rated public school districts based on test scores in 23 metropolitan areas nationwide and the median prices per square foot for real estate in those districts to see how accessible property was (which might explain by relatively pricey Irvine did not make the cut).

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Irvine is heaven if you're Hitler; a master planned community. 

It's no different from Rub Maps.

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

I was born in Los Alamitos Hospital. I drive by the building on Katella every once in awhile. The hospital moved years ago...it's been converted into offices now.

Brainwashed_in_church topcommenter

Los Al and 98% of every other community in Southern California is or once was a "stucco invested" cookie cutter tract community. If it isn't custom or spec, it's cookie cutter. The difference is, newer neighborhoods don't have a lot of overgrown shrubs and trees to hide the sameness. And, the newer communities don't have ugly power lines, bill boards, hodgepodge planning, chainlink fences, etc all over the place. Newer places are usually masterplanned with strict rules on where like businesses can be established. For example auto repair. In old communities, the hodgepodge results in a preschool next door to a brake shop next door to a dentist(a) next door to a nail salon next door an equipment rental yard next door to a residence next door to a 69 foot bill board sign next door to a cocktail lounge. Newer masterplanned communities have landscaped medians and sidescapes along the roads, left hand turn arrows at every intersection, and masterplanned homogenous shopping and service zones.

20ftjesus topcommenter

Ha!  Prices/sq.ft.  HA!

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