Lights in Sky of South Orange County Help Promote E.T.-esque Movie Opening Wednesday

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There's something out there ... above Irvine.

How do you use spooky lights in the sky of South County and a mysterious underwater formation discovered off Malibu the past couple weeks to promote your PG movie whose plot reads eerily similar to E.T.? Let's go to the desert with the promoters of Earth to Echo.

Holy Invasion! UFO "Swarm" Over Newps!

Two weeks ago, a mysterious underwater formation that some think could be a UFO base was discovered six miles off of the coast of Point Dume in Malibu.

Last week, for the second straight Wednesday in a row, unidentified lights were spotted in the sky above Southern California.

And today ...

Found in the desert sand of Lucerne Valley outside of Barstow, California, the star of Relativity's EARTH TO ECHO mysteriously appeared. Echo's likeness spanned approximately half a million square feet.

Here are a couple looks at what they are talking about:

Looking at Echo image in sand from the sky and ...

... Echo close up.

Think of Echo as the E.T. of Earth to Echo, which opens in theaters Wednesday. Directed by Dave Green, the pop corner is about four kids who find a small alien stranded on Earth. The friends work together to protect the alien and help him find his way home.

As for those real lights in the sky of southern Orange County ...

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