Freddie Goes to Hollywood: Film on Fred Karger's Openly Gay GOP Presidential Bid Nears
"He is the gay bogeyman of the GOP presidential race," one pundit says of Fred Karger in the flick.

A documentary about a Laguna Beach man's historic campaign as the first openly gay candidate to ever run for president from either major political party gets its Hollywood closeup soon.

In Fred Karger's Presidential Run, GOP Stands for Gay Old Party

Filmmaker John Fitzgerald Keitel spent two years following Fred Karger, who began seeking the Republican Party nomination for president in March 2010. The hour-long Fred, which premiered in New Hampshire in April, has a July 17 screening date in Hollywood, although the actual theater has not yet been announced.

The film follows Laguna Beach's Karger from New Hampshire to Iowa State Fair, and along the way "the onetime Republican hatchet man" (as R. Scott Moxley called him in his excellent Weekly cover story from the campaign trail that is linked above) takes on Fox News and Mitt Romney.

"You'll see exactly how Fred fights for inclusion in the debates, takes on his opponents and campaigns to let lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans know that anything is possible," reads the description on, which is where you should go for updates on the project (including, fingers crossed, an OC screening date).

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