Meet Orange County's Real Burglars of Genius

Courtesy of Costa Mesa Police Department
How did Daniel Lee Warn make the list? Read on ...
Hey, no one said there would be an intelligence test for would-be burglars. Which may explain why so-so-so many are so-so-so dumb. After the jump, we present a collection of Orange County's Real Burglars of Genius.

1) Daniel Lee Warn

Courtesy of Costa Mesa Police Department
The burglar captured on El Pollo Loco's closed-circuit television and ...

Courtesy of Costa Mesa Police Department
... the man plucked out of line at the same El Pollo Loco hours later, Daniel Lee Warn.

Someone broke into the El Pollo Loco restaurant in the 1900 block of Harbor Boulevard in Costa Mesa in the overnight hours of July 16 and did not take anything but did leave something behind: a very good image on surveillance video that included scenes of him opening cash registers and finding nothing. The man in the video wore a distinctive hat and t-shirt--so distinctive that it made the fellow easy to spot when he showed up in the same get-up in line at the same El Pollo Loco just before noon the same day to order food. The cops were called and Daniel Lee Warn, 28, of Bloomington, was arrested on suspicion of commercial burglary. Warn, who before his arrest had recently been released early to community supervision due to prison overcrowding, was also linked to several burglaries in the same area of Costa Mesa on July 15, when losses ranged from $100 to $1,000. And police say he makes a starring role in surveillance video from a liquor store that was broken into the same night as the El Pollo Loco, just mere steps away. Of course, he's innocent until proven guilty. Again.

2) Cartier Quemoyreelus Anderson, Deepre Lamar Williams
and Patreall Daijon Williams

Police received a call around 8:30 p.m. July 14 of a suspicious vehicle in the area of Diamond and Santa Catalina streets in Garden Grove. Officers arrived to find an unoccupied Dodge Durango that had been reported stolen during a Long Beach home burglary on June 6. Then a resident reported three strangers in a backyard on Diamond. As officers closed in on the ground, the Orange County Sheriff's helicopter "Duke" arrived overhead--and captured the video above of a burglary in progress. When they realized they were surrounded, the three scattered in different directions but they were eventually captured and arrested. Court dates loom for ...

Booking photos courtesy of Garden Grove Police Department
(From left:) Cartier Quemoyreelus Anderson, 20, Deepre Lamar Williams, 19, and Patreall Daijon Williams, 18.

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sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

how many of these choirboys had arrest records prior to this "gaffe"


they almost as dumb as most SoCal drivers!

Brett Bremer
Brett Bremer

Black people in garden Grove bad choice lmfao

Gc Rivera
Gc Rivera

LOL!!! Edwin Rivera Riana Rivera Pak King Maria Zamudio Maité Gonzalez Victoria Tindoc


simple when u see black call cops they alway up to no good

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

On a (somewhat) unrelated topic I now have a radio ad for beer floating through my head...

Karen Zaborowski
Karen Zaborowski

Ya, not the sharpest tack in the box, i'm sure he has a rap sheet a mile long which tells you how good/smart he is at his chosen profession...LOL

Steve Sydow
Steve Sydow

They should make a commercial stating that you can't stay away from the El Pollo goodness even if you just robbed the place Haha

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