Bryan Larsen Says He Was Assaulted on Bike But Cops Wonder if He's Partly to Blame: Video

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Avoid the bottles, Betty Boop!
Semi-professional bicyclist Bryan Larsen drew a lot of attention for YouTube video he posted of being "assaulted" by bottles flung by a lass in a pickup that passed his bike on Pacific Coast Highway in Dana Point. But the resulting criminal case has been kicked back by prosecutors to Orange County sheriff's investigators, who've been directed to gather more evidence.

Larsen believes it was assault when the bottles of water and Gatorade hit him on May 31 as he was riding in a bike lane, and many fellow cyclists have complained on social media that sheriff's investigators have not done enough to catch the perps.

Sheriff's spokesman Lt. Jeff Hallock told City News Service that investigators got the truck's license plate in the video and were able to determine a suspect. But Hallock added that Larsen may not be blameless in the incident, having "made disparaging remarks to the driver" that could subject the cyclist to misdemeanor inciting a fight.

The DA's instructions were to gather evidence that would make the case against the woman and/or Larsen stronger, Hallock said.

Who do you think is at fault? Here's the video Larsen shot with his cell phone:

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Take off and nuke'm from orbit...

Only way to be sure.

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

maybe the cops know the truck driver/female

how can the cyclist be charged

they are riding the bike and the truck comes up to him


It's just a case of dumb and dumber. They should just let it go.

vegandawg23 topcommenter

Guy should have just let it go. Hope they charge him with filing frivolous police report and harassment and let the truck driver and his girl go.


"[M]isdemeanor inciting a fight."  That's a new one on me.  So much for that old thing called the First Amendment.  I guess if one says something that's politically-incorrect, then that one can be beaten or otherwise made to engage in a physical altercation. 

whateveryousay topcommenter

I wonder if this cyclist stops at stop signs.  


Damn - Lance Armostrong has really gone downhill since he admitted to using PED's.

20ftjesus topcommenter

What precipitated the bottle-throwing?  Did Larsen ever explain what caused this response?

fishingblues topcommenter

I ride my bike all of the time and stay the hell off of highways where 3000 lb. vehicles are doing 70 mph.

The dope on the bike videoed himself disregarding the bike lane.  He's is obviously not too bright.  He gives bicyclists a bad name.

20ftjesus topcommenter


My neighbor is one of these fuchsia-tshirt-skinny-panty-with-the-special-wicking-fabric dbags who believes a person's worth is measured by how expensive is his road bike.  He actually comments on my $50 beach cruiser.  Well, at least my bike has a beer holder. 

20ftjesus topcommenter


Fuck yah, and I'm bery buzzed reight now too.  Different neighbor came over and we're starting a traditional neighborhood drink night.  Take that, Irvine!  Fucking Irvine; people looking at us 'cause we're drinking in the garage.  Foking Stepford wives.  

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