Ashton Colby Sachs' So-Called Messed-Up Life Led to Murders of Parents: Grand Jury Report

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Ashton Colby Sachs, messed up
I have not seen the grand jury documents regarding the shocking murders of Bradford and Andra Sachs, but the Orange County Register has, and they reportedly indicate their 19-year-old son Ashton bought a rifle a couple of weeks before the Feb. 9 shootings, did not sleep for days before driving 18 hours from Seattle to the family's hillside San Juan Capistrano home on Feb. 9, paced outside his parents bedroom door as they slept and finally rushed in and shot them and his 8-year-old brother, who was left paralyzed.

Why? No particular reason, just generally because of his messed-up life.

Ashton Colby Sachs' Arraignment Delayed on Indictment Alleging Murder of Parents

The testimony to the grand jury, which indicted Ashton Colby Sachs June 19 for allegedly murdering his parents and trying to do the same to two of his four siblings, has provided the first public hint of a motive.

Based on the Register report, the sheriff's lead investigator Justin Montano testified that Sachs told deputies he didn't have a specific reason for the killings, just a lifetime of problems, that his 57-year-old father and 54-year-old mother liked his siblings more and did not trust him, that they were to blame for the horrible way he felt, and that they did not take his suicide attempt a year earlier seriously.

According to the transcripts: He researched several online articles about the different degrees of murder before driving his 2005 Prius down to Orange County. After sitting in his car outside the gated home in the 32200 block of Peppertree Bend, he went inside and paced for about 15 minutes before rushing into his parents' room, shooting mom eight times, dad seven times. He walked past his little brother's room and shot him once and then opened the door to his sister's room and fired inside, according to investigators, who recovered 24 cartridges from.

The grand jury was told Sachs left the home for his parents' business, where a taxi picked him up for a ride to John Wayne Airport, where he caught a plane back to Seattle. He'd already arranged for a service to transport his Prius back to Seattle, the transcripts show.

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fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

He had lousy parents. Many people do. But what the hell did his 8 year old brother do to deserve to be paralyzed the rest of his life?


He still has a chance at living life outside of prison.  If Casey Anthony can kill her child and escape prison, Ashton can too! He had parents that cared more about themselves then making sure their children were happy.  I hope Ashton looks amazing at trial and wins over the female jurors <3

949girl topcommenter

Well it's definitely premeditated.  Did he really need to research the degrees of murder?  At least he knew what he was in for.  He sounds crazy.  Parents sounded very dysfunctional.  Why not just disappear or stop being involved with his family?  Maybe he wants to live his life in prison, sounds crazy, but at least there won't be any uncertainty.  

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