One Man Critically Injured and Second Loses Thumb in Separate July 4 Holiday Blasts

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Uma Thurman's prosthetic thumb sure would come in handy about now.

If you have any stories from this Fourth of July holiday about mishaps with fireworks--safe and sane or unsafe and insane--let us know in the comments. We'll kick things off with injuries to two sad sacks, including one who lost a thumb.

The mayhem started on the Third of July, when a 49-year-old man suffered critical injuries after an explosive device detonated near him in Buena Park, according to the Orange County Fire Authority, which was unsure if it was a legal firework or illegal explosive that blew.

The unidentified man suffered injuries and burns to his neck and upper body in the blast that happened around 8:45 p.m. Thursday in the 6000 block of Marcella Way, said fire Capt. Steve Concialdi.

Over in Long Beach on the Fourth, a man who was drunk lost his thumb after the firecracker he was holding exploded in his hand, according to Long Beach Police. The blast from the illegal explosive caused the unidentified man to suffer injuries that took him to the hospital, where an amputation was performed.

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Richard Castillo
Richard Castillo

Hahahaha, makes me wonder why the fireworks are even legal in the first place. Now out here in Anaheim, they lifted the ban, smh....

Tyler Butorac
Tyler Butorac

David HowardJazzy Howard I'm guessing the LB man who lost his thumb is the one your cousin Ryan responded to?

20ftjesus topcommenter

As kids (9-11), we played with m-80's like they were nothing and not one of us lost a finger or hand.  Fucking people, it's an EXPLOSIVE!  You gotta throw it or you'll get blow'd up. 

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