The 10 Most Stereotypical Ways to Die in Orange County

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Illustration by Lalo Alcaraz
Getting killed by cops? Read the list...
Every once in a while, our sister papers do listicles so brilliant that other papers lovingly rip off the idea. Such is the case with this listicle--at first seemingly callous, but actually a great indictment of the provincial lunacy of whatever city is publishing the list. Because the stereotypical ways to die in OC is going to be different from, say, Miami or Houston. So, without further ado, get those angry comments ready because heeeeeeeeere we go! In no particular order, but nevertheless numbered...

10. At Leisure World

Gotta love it!

There's a reason everyone calls it Seizure World, you know?

9. Mauled by a Mountain Lion

Wikimedia Commons

One of the 10 greatest stories to ever appear in the Weekly was our take on the tragic mauling and killing of two OC bikers by a mountain lion. And although mountain lions usually leave folks alone, the spectre of their menace leads us to think that such maulings are much more common than they actually are. It's like that episode of The Simpsons with the Bear Patrol!

8. Serial and Spree Killers

Izzy Ocampo OCDA.jpg
Courtesy OC DA's office
Iztcoatl Ocampo

From William Bonnin (aka "The Freeway Killer") to Randy Kraft (another "Freeway Killer") to Richard Ramirez, Itzcoatl Ocampo, and the two creeps accused of killing prostitutes, OC has unfortunately attracted an inordinate amount of known serial killers--and the list doesn't include Nightstalker Richard Ramirez, who didn't actually murder anyone in Orange County (the man who he shot three times in the head in Mission Viejo survived). Throw in Scott Dekraii and Cal State Fullerton Library killer Edward Charles Allaway, and we should all be packing heat, you know?

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