OC DA Files Gang Injunction Against Townsend Street Gang in Santa Ana

CopWatch Santa Ana
Santa Ana Gang Unit officers on Townsend Street
Santa Ana Police Chief Carlos Rojas and Commander Tammy Franks offered inanities when asked by community members last November if the po-po was looking to place a gang injunction that would affect the Townsend Street barrio in central SanTana. "We are constantly looking at data related to all our hot spot areas," Rojas said at the time, in response to councilman Roman Reyna. "If there are gang injunctions to be done here in the city, I will be at that community meeting." Commander Franks tried to assure skeptical audience members that a SAPD Gang Unit presentation at the KidWorks center that tipped off residents merely spoke of gang injunctions in the hypothetical.

But earlier this month, the Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA) literally filed for a preliminary gang injunction on Townsend, and Santa Ana police served notices to those named in it just last week. So much for that community meeting, eh Chief Rojas?

The Weekly obtained a copy of the 500-page-plus court document. Submitted and signed by Tony Rackaukas, it names Townsend Street as a "criminal gang" that is "creating a public nuisance." Twenty-nine alleged members are listed by name in the complaint, but more people can fall under its provisions in the future. The boundaries of the gang injunction's so-called "safety zone" is as exactly as residents said Gang Unit presenters noted during their KidWorks presentation: West First Street, South Raitt Street, West McFadden Avenue and South Sullivan Street. Whoops!

"At the public safety meeting, the chief treated us as if we were overreacting," Carolyn Torres recalls of the November gathering on the issue. "I felt I was lied to, not just by the chief, not by just the DA office, but by the city council as well. They either didn't care enough to check in or they knew what was happening."

When asked for comment on the filing, the OCDA's office offered little in response. "We are legally unable to discuss anything that is under seal by the court," said OCDA spokeswoman Farah Emami.

Townsend Street is noted as an active gang in the neighborhood dating back to the 1970s. All the suffocating prohibitions of association in public places that gang injunctions entail are present. "Do not stand, sit, walk, drive, bicycle, gather or appear with anyone you know to be a member, participant, associate, servant, employee aider or abetter," or "anyone you know to be acting under, in concert with, for the benefit of, at the direction of, or in association with the TOWNSEND STREET criminal street gang," reads the document. Exceptions exist for school and church, but not for how people served get to those locations.

In legal arguments in favor of a preliminary and permanent injunction, the OCDA cites criminal statistics dating back from January 2010 detailing, among others, two murders, two attempted murders and 22 gun/weapons sale or possession convictions. It further claims that the prohibitions of the injunction don't infringe upon constitutional rights. But that's exactly what Chican@s Unidos activists opposed to the move criticize the most.

"The larger issues are violations of civil rights and due process," Torres says. "We have two minors on the injunction that are brother and sister. How are they going to hang out at the quad of their apartment? How are they going to be together at a family BBQ?" She mentions how those that are named have but a few hours before a judge, but authorities have had four years to build a case against them.

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Gang members need policing if they are breaking laws.And they Do need to be segregated from general population  For the safety of good law abiding citizens gang members sholud never be allowed to acsess or have community privilages.Gang members and x-cons should be kept areas where they can be controlled. 


To hell with the injunctions, just execute them all instead.  Those gang bangers are all worthless and they are a serious threat to the community.  Anybody who looks or acts like a gang banger should be shot!

18usc241 topcommenter

"It further claims that the prohibitions of the injunction don't infringe upon constitutional rights."

Agencies with such a criminal contempt for their oath and the Constitution of the United States shouldn't render opinions on the constitutionality of anything. It would be like the cities of Garden Grove or Anaheim lecturing on the evils of racism or bullying. Or Bernie Madoff lecturing on the concept of fiduciary responsibility.

18usc241 topcommenter

"When asked for comment on the filing, the OCDA's office offered little in response. "We are legally unable to discuss anything that is under seal by the court," said OCDA spokeswoman Farah Emami."

Well how incredibly convenient is that? You are full of salami Emami.

If you were unjustly placed on this scarlet letter fest, I recommend that you sue now. Or forever be screwed by #corruptcops in Orange County CA.

18usc241 topcommenter

German Santos has resided in Orange County CA from 1981 to present. This Latino American man has lived approximately half that time in central Orange County (Anaheim/Garden Grove) and the half the time in South Orange County/Anaheim Hills.

I've never had a problem with Latino/white/black/Asian gang member types until such time as despicable scumbags in OC law enforcement threw them my way for criminal harassment purposes, property damage, home privacy violation, attempted murder etc.

Therefore one can reasonably conclude that a significant percentage of your gang member problem is deliberately manufactured by this trash pile of a police community. This police community can't be trusted to responsibly administer such an intrusive Constitution defecating injunction. The only thing more dangerous than violent gang members are criminal cops with carte blanche to run roughshod over people in the United States.

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

Don't you know? The OCDA has no time to deal with pesky things like "due process" and "innocent until proven guilty"...

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