Rose Tingle, OC Animal Activist, Urges Board of Supervisors to Put Fewer Critters to Sleep

Rose Tingle considers herself a voice for animals.

Orange County animal activist Rose Tingle urged the Board of Supervisors Tuesday to add at least $50,000 to the animal care budget for the coming year to reduce the number of euthanizations at the county facility.

"This complacency our society has developed over killing ... is very dangerous and has to stop," Tingle told the board, as reported by City News Service.

Supervisors are considering increases in various fees to help close a $626,000 funding gap in the $18 million animal care budget, which is subsidized by 17 member cities. Tingle said Orange County, whose entire budget is more than $5.2 billion, spends less on animal services than any comparable Southern California county.

The county's is farther than most from becoming a "no-kill" shelter, Tingle added. According to OC Animal Care's own data, about 30,000 creatures are taken in per year and about half of the cats and 10 percent of the dogs taken in during 2013 were put to

Proposed cuts the board is considering include closing the animal shelter in Orange on Mondays (saving $167,000ish), and, to free up about $137,000, eliminate a part-time community outreach worker, a public education employee, an overnight supervisor and overtime by 25 percent.

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20ftjesus topcommenter

...but what do you do with the thousands and thousands of cats that get euthanized every year?  I guess you could ask Rita Corbin (if she weren't dead) but the answer might not be satisfactory. 

20ftjesus topcommenter

@MatthewTCoker Nice juxtaposition having a hoarder story and pet rescuer story on the same day.  Did you plan it that way or happy coincidence?

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

@MatthewTCoker @20ftjesus 

Ugh...we have to keep our cats in at night because of the coyotes. But the coyotes were here first. I think it's more human to euthanize the poor kitties them than have them torn apart by hungry predators...of course, we wouldn't have to condemn so many creatures to death if folks would get their pets fixed. :-(

(Yes I CAN tell you what's worse than finding a dead cat in the garage...)

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

@20ftjesus @MatthewTCoker  Totally coinky-dink. We used to call half cats we found dead in the wash near where I grew up "flip cats" 'cause they'd fly like Frisbees.

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