Here's the List of OC Register Reporters Who are Taking a Buyout or Getting Laid Off: UPDATED

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Reg reporters: Do you have faith in this man?
Will be updated through June 20, if not beyond...


ORIGINAL POST, JUNE 9, 8:03 A.M. The last time the Orange County Register announced massive layoffs, we had a running tally of who was getting the axe. That list topped out at about 31; the list expected this time might be significantly longer, so consider this the definitive go-to place to find all the names, which we'll post as we confirm until Monday, at which point we'll post them all. Feel free to add or correct in the comments. The names here are those who applied for the buyouts, per sources; it's not still clear if Reg owner Aaron Kushner will accept the buyouts--that's the subject of another post I'll write later.

A quick note on schadenfreude: While we have many enemies at the Reg, we also have many friends and people we admire there. Any glee we have in these layoffs is directed solely at Register owner Aaron Kushner, who deserves all the scorn on Earth for deciding to blindly lead hundreds of people off a cliff with his unfettered expansions instead of listening to those in the newsroom who urged cautious growth. Those folks who'll be losing their jobs, on the other hand, we feel for deeply--because there but for the grace of Camel cigarette ads and alt-medicine notices goes us.

Now the list, in the order we get confirmation. Note: some of the early names were laid off before the layoffs were even announced, meaning there's a LOT of problems with Kushner's financials:

Sandy Coronilla, graphics reporter: Her layoff happened before the buyout. From Twitter:

Laura Olson, Sacramento reporter: Only hired in November. Not clear if she was laid off orShe left on her own accord to take her next gig: she's already headed to the Allentown Morning Call--and you know Kushner's enterprise is in trouble when folks are leaving to pinche Allentown. From Twitter:

TJ Simers, sports columnist: This one's a shocker. The longtime Los Angeles Times columnist jumped ship to Grand Street in September, one of Kushner's high-priced free agents that his Minister of Information, Eric Morgan, so loved to proclaim--and now, he's gone. His column explaining his rationale for the buyout is here.

Bruce Chambers, staff photographer: A longtimer. From Facebook:

Keith Sharon, staff writer: Another longtimer, and one of two reporters (the other being Tom Berg) that the Register would usually assign their attempts at literary journalism to. From Facebook:

Kevin Sablan, business columnist: Sablan also tweeted a lot for the paper. From Twitter:

Jessica Peralta, web content at Coast Magazine, the Reg's luxury rag: Peralta was also part of the ill-fated Squeeze OC.

Greg Hardesty, features writer: This one is particularly crushing to the newsroom--Hardesty's lifestyle stories frequently made national news, and he was a beloved presence in the newsroom. A journalism presence in Orange County since his days at UC Irvine's New University back in the 1980s.

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