Paul Michael Barbour's "Rock With Your Cock Out" T-Shirt Makes His Child Porn Case Crazier

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Facebook/Kids Artistic Revue
The banner over a social media page that has many parent comments lately.

Frantic parents of girls who belong to the Kids Artistic Revue (KAR) dance schools have taken to social media to compare notes on the Cypress academy worker accused of possessing child pornography (including images secretly recorded at a recent event at Cypress College) and wonder whether KAR officials are being totally honest about whether their daughters were victimized.

See the Dating Profile of Paul Michael Barbour, Alleged Hoarder of Child Porn and 'Shrooms

One of those mothers, Nancy Hur-Crabbe, has also contacted the Weekly to claim the Cypress Police Department and Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA) have incorrectly set the ages of those recorded secretly at 12 to 15. Hur-Crabbe maintains they girls were 4 to 18.

The mother of an attendee of West Coast School of the Arts in Costa Mesa, where "Mini Line Dancers" are as young as 4, Hur-Crabbe also pointed us to the KAR Facebook page, where parents have traded allegations about events suspect Paul Michael Barbour attended--as well as a photo of him boasting about a shirt emblazoned with, "Rock With Your Cock Out:"

Facebook/Kids Artistic Revue
Probably not what someone accused of possessing kiddie porn wants publicized.

By the way, to get to the alarmed parents' comments, you have to scroll through many, many posts above them instilling boosterism, informing about upcoming competitions and hawking KAR swag. The comments come in posts just after Barbour's arrest was announced on June 4.

The 33-year-old Long Beach resident was working as the emcee at the Cypress College gathering of youth dance academies on May 31, when he is alleged to have hidden a video camera inside a changing room on campus and recording underage girls. A mother found the camera and turned it over to Cypress Police.

Investigators searched Barbour's home on June 1 and discovered more than 1,000 images of child pornography on his computer, according to the OCDA, which reported at the time that a cache of magic mushrooms, LSD and other hallucinogens were found on the premises. Barbour has a June 27 arraignment date on multiple criminal counts that could send him to state prison for up to seven years and six months--for now. Cops and prosecutors also put the word out that they are seeking other potential victims, which could increase the charges and punishment hanging over Barbour.

That's where the parents have come in on the KAR Facebook page to ask whether the suspect attended specific events where their daughters danced. Many write that Cypress Police investigators reached out to them for photographs of their daughters that were compared to images of victims on Barbour's computer.

Hur-Crabbe represents an undercurrent of parents who wonder if KAR is being forthright about everything. To be fair, there are plenty of parents defending KAR and the way the company has handled an ugly situation.

Naturally, background checks of KAR workers have become a hot topic. Academy officials and supporters claim Barbour checked out fine, but some parents have pointed to his social media and dating site profiles dating back years.

The woman who posted the "Rock With Your Cock Out" picture says she found it "in about four clicks." Another mom wonders why someone who professes an affinity for the occult, not to mention alleged drug use and sales, would be a proper employee to have around children.

One dad summed up his frustrations: "Still no public clarification about events he worked in the past 6 years? Guess running ads for nationals and new hats is more important."

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