New Column! The Orange County Quiz: California or Florida?

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Slices of Orange County life are being served. But which Orange County?

Your lesson for the day: Read each of the following six headlines and tell us if the incident happened in Orange County, Florida, or Orange County, California.

(Answers with links to each news item on Page 2.)

1.) Orange County Team Learns to Handle Hoarders with Care

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Hey, Buddy, can you take out the trash?
2.) Orange County Man Asks Judge for Atheist Lawyer Following Alleged Attack on Jesus-Looking Roommate

3.) Chairman of Orange County GOP Blames Republican Decline on "Influx of Puerto Ricans"

4.) Suspected Ninja Burglars Arrested in Orange County

5.) Orange County Man Rescued After Getting Stuck in Ex-Wife's Chimney

6.) Furby, Purses Stolen from Home, Orange County Deputies Say

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