Gustavo's Latest KCRW "Orange County Line": On How Undocumented Activists Are Fighting OC Law Enforcement!

Photo by Gabriel San Blogman, I believe
Undocumented activists raising desmadre
Yesterday, the Orange County Sheriff's Deparment announced it was ending all immigration holds. This came just a day after I devoted my "Orange County Line" commentary on KCRW-FM 89.9 to how undocumented activists had declared war on the Orange County Probation Department over what they say is the illegal referral of too many undocumented youth to la migra. Am I a prophet, or a lunatic? The answer, of course, is neither: I'm a pendejo! Anyhoo...

I think KCRW disabled its embedding capabilities, so listen to it here. Enjoy!

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Brainwashed_in_church topcommenter

"Undocumented Activist" makes it sound like their status is due to a simple clerical error.

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